2014 Spring Training Camp

I don’t remember much from High School Chemistry. In fact, I remember very little, but the one thing the great Mr. Wilson taught me that stayed with me since junior year was to live by the rule of the 5 Ps: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. (He also taught me that sometimes you’re just S.O.L., but hopefully that’s not a chemistry lesson we have to put to good use this year.)

In Red Line tradition, the week before the beginning of the semester was spent living by the rule of the 5 Ps. With fresh minds and legs, the team gathered together to spend five days preparing for the upcoming challenges of the semester. The week began early Monday morning at 6:00am at Harvard Stadium, which is currently covered with a bubble. The weather outside was chilly to say the least, but the bubble provided enough warmth for ideal training weather.


Some of the mental training and team bonding activities were highlights for the week as well. On Monday, Coach Mike MacKenzie and his wife welcomed Red Line into their home. The team viewed videos of a 2013 great club ultimate match up: Johnny Bravo versus Double Wide, as well as a video so top secret we might get in trouble for even mentioning it. The team was treated to Cincinnati chili by Coach Mike and gluten-free brownies supplied by Captain Wynn Tucker’s mother, both of which were phenomenal. Thank you Mrs. Tucker for showing us gluten-free can be surprisingly delicious. Other highlights included a ping pong tournament and Class Olympics.

Training Camp

All events led up to Friday for the intrasquad matchup of DRed versus SHRed. Coach Mike and Assistant Coach Piers MacNaughton served as observers, and Peter Cornick provided leadership and support from the sidelines. The toss was won by DRed, represented by captains William Dean and Wynn Tucker. They opted to receive, and freshman John Stubbs caught the first point of the game. This paved the way for an impressive show-out from the freshman class, who rivaled many of the returners in point, assists, and Ds. At the end of the first half, DRed had kept the lead throughout the game for a score of 8 to 5. The players began to fatigue in the second half, and SHRed slowly worked its way back to a tied score at 12-12. In an impressive feat proving his mettle, Wynn took back the lead for DRed with a layout for a callahan. Not to be undone, SHRed quickly came back to score again. SHRed’s first lead of the game was secured with another freshman play by Jonah Hahn receiving the point. SHRed became the only team to score three points in a row during the game, scoring for a victory with a connection between returners Mark Vandenberg and Dave Reshef.

After a week of hard work, Red Line is ready for the next challenge. Our first tournament is Queen City Tune Up on February 8th and 9th in Charlotte, NC. Watch our twitter feed, @HarvardUltimate, for updates.

Sarah Siverling
Red Line Team Manager