BRed Line

BRed Line is Harvard Ultimate’s B team. Founded in 2003, BRed Line is a perennial powerhouse among the New England B Teams, consistently establishing its dominance through the spring season. The team competes in USA Ultimate’s Developmental Division as part of the Metro Boston conference and the New England region. BRed is coached by Eliot Fenton, Stuart Adamson, and Shuang Wu.

BRed Line has been very successful in recent seasons, finishing second at Developmental Regionals in 2011, third in 2012, first in 2013, and first in 2015. In 2013, BRed won the 2013 Clover Cup in Oneonta, New York and finished with the 2013 New England Developmental Regional Title. In 2014, BRed built upon its success and won the 2014 Metro Boston Developmental Conference Title and earned a bid to the 2014 New England D1 Regionals. In 2015, BRed continued their dominance by winning the Developmental Regional title for the 2nd time in 3 years.

BRed Line welcomes all who are interested in playing Ultimate, making great friends, and establishing a community of spirit, athleticism, and camaraderie. For more information, please contact the captains, Abijith Krishnan (’20), Daniel Qu (’20), and Theodore Liu (’20) at Follow BRed Line on Twitter (

Some of our highlights from the last few year:

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Spring Bread CRed (2018)
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CRed Line Compilation: Alum Edition (2019)

Abijith (Abi) Krishnan 2020 Scottsdale, AZ 6′ 1” 47
Daniel Qu 2020 Plymouth, MN 6′ 22
Theodore Liu 2020 Waunakee, WI 5’11″ 11
Isaac Struhl 2021 Weston, MA 5’9″ 6
Colton Carpenter 2020 Morganton, GA 5’11” 21
Liren Ma  2020  New York City  5’10  36
Alex Wulff 2021 Skaneateles, NY 6′ 1″ 19
Saimun Habib 2021 New Britain, CT 5’6″ 17
Sam Woo 2021 Virginia Beach, VA 5’6  20
Garrett Walker 2021 Palo Alto, CA 6’4” 8
Vaughan McDonald 2020 New York, NY 6′  57
Alex Mariona 2021 Ashland, MA 5’7″ 64
Justin Wong 2022 Hong Kong 5’7″  13
Joshua Pan 2022 San Jose, CA 5’3” 25
Mike Miccioli 2022 Nashville, TN 6’1” 66

Coaches: Eliot Fenton, Stuart Adamson, Shuang Wu