The Harvard Men’s Frisbee program is a top-tier athletic team, competing in several national and local tournaments across the country through the full academic year. HMF is made up of an A-Team (Red Line) and a B-Team (BRed Line). Over 400 alumni have passed through the HMF program, each of them contributing to the strong culture, and cultivation, of the Spirit of the Game and the love for competition that defines both the sport as well as this storied New England team. Coming from diverse backgrounds across the several spectra of Harvard University, the program is much more than a pair of teams that competes on the field. HMF represents a culture of hard work, honesty, and camaraderie. Harvard Ultimate provides an established social experience on campus as well as a group of active participants in the community within and outside of Harvard.


Founded in the fall of 1975 by Sara Schechner and classmates, Harvard Ultimate has been a consistently powerful presence in New England since the early 90s. Harvard Men’s Frisbee cycled through many names before arriving at the Harvard Red Line in 2000 (The Name). By 2003 the program had grown large enough to encompass two teams, prompting the addition BRed Line to Harvard’s on-field presence.


Under the guidance of the program’s second ever Head Coach, Eric “Cork” Corcoran, Harvard Ultimate made its first appearance at the National Championships in 1998. The program grew hungry for more, earning a second berth at the National Championships in 2001, and adding Head Coach Josh McCarthy for the 2004 campaign. McCarthy guided the Red Line to five Nationals appearances and three Regional Titles through the end of his tenure in 2011. In 2012, Harvard picked up former Red Line captain Mike MacKenzie as the new Head Coach. In his second season with the team MacKenzie insightfully implemented a deep roster to great effect, taking the Regional Title as the 3rd seed and returning Harvard to Nationals after a one-year absence for our 6th appearance in 10 years.

In 2016, MacKenzie & Company led Red Line through Nationals to its first ever College Nationals Finals, where the team fought valiantly but ultimately fell to Minnesota 15-12. Though a tough loss, this achievement raised the bar to the highest of expectations for all iterations of Red Line to come.

Like many Red Line teams before us, this year’s team is on a Vision Quest, a journey to climb that wall, date that drifter, and grab our share of the glory. All we ever settled for was that we were born to live and then to die; we’ve gotta do it alone, each in his own way. And I guess that’s why we gotta love those people who deserve it like there’s no tomorrow. Cause when you get right down to it…there isn’t.

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