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Resources for Past Co-opers!

As the Co-op sees a new group of residents every year, efforts to keep in touch with alumni are passed through different hands. This page is intended to provide a relatively static place you may check for helpful Co-op information, aiming at edification and continuing connections with old friends.

50th Reunion!

Schedule of Events

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

  • 12 pm: Bar-B-Q lunch in 05 backyard
  • 3 pm: Obligatory group photo
  • 6:30 pm: Dinner in 3sac
  • All day: do what you feel (chat, laugh, play volleyball/soccer/etc., browse the archives, music, dance, tea and bread, get reacquainted with the houses, leave your mark on a commemorative wall, discuss current Co-op issues)

Wednesday, June 4th

  • 6:30 pm: Dinner at the coop (All welcome to come eat and/or cook.)

Friday, June 6th or Saturday, June 7th

  • Some folks who can't make the first two events would like to organize a third on one of these days. If interested, please tell us what works for you by emailing [at] gmail [dot] com. (The Co-op buildings will be closed by this time.)

Contribute to the 50th Anthology!

We're creating a co-operative anthology as a Reunion souvenir. Please contribute stories, photographs, or yearbook-like pages commemorating: your generation, your time here, the Co-op as you remember it. We'll compile them chronologically, add some additional fun stuff, and make it available on May 31.

Send materials by post to 3 Sacramento St, Cambridge 02138, or email them to [at] gmail [dot] com.

Alumni updates 2008

Here are some personal updates and recollections we've received so far...

Polish Constitution Day was the result of my elevation to "House Pollack" shortly after my arrival. The discovery that ethnicity, religion, and of course social status, had much greater weight in Boston than Berkeley was a relevation to me. My response was to embrace the opportunity, and soon heard all the pollack jokes everyone had to offer. I also had a good joking relationship with a senior (Boris Nicoloff), who was Bulgarian. I benefited from establishing relationships with many of the upperclassmen and oldtimers in the house.

I decided to start an annual celebration of Polish Constitution Day (May 3), featuring a dinner of sauerkraut and kielbasa, awards for select house members (Polish freedom fighter, honorary pollack, etc.), followed by a speech.

—James Maslach '69


Suresh is better at remembering funny stories, although perhaps the squirrel that had lost its tail is no longer with you? It lived in the backyard of 3 Sac and the neighbors always assumed it was a rat that liked the poorly tended compost pile. They'd call the City and the inspector would come out, say hello to the squirrel and go on his way. And is the Chang Sho parking lot still there or did it get built on? Are the rotting logs to hop the fence and sneak in the back of 3 Sac still there?

—Margaret (Molly) McCauley '95


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Alumni Database

By the fall of 2008, we should establish said database and make it available in a password-protected form. This has been discussed so far as the "Shared Interest Group." Email [at] gmail [dot] com with questions and interest, and check back in a few months for the database itself!...

The Co-op in the news

The Harvard Gazette and Crimson have enjoyed writing about us in the past. Browse the articles on the WikiSutra.

The Journal for High Energy Metaphysics

The Journal was begun in 1997 by former Co-oper and scribe emeritus Frisbay, aka John Thomasson. It only survived for a few issues, but be sure to check it out, as it includes the life updates of many alumni. If you'd like to help get it started again, email us at [at] gmail [dot] com