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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

If I live in the Co-op, do I, like, have to cook for everyone?
No, not if you don't want to.
So then, what do I have to do?
The co-op works on a points system where each cooper signs up to do a certain number of points every two weeks. For example instead of cooking, you could get points by cleaning dishes, doing the pots, or sweeping the halls.
Where is the Co-op? Aren't you really far away?
We're halfway between Harvard Square and Porter Square on Mass. Ave., a bit closer to campus than the Quad. Hey, we're even closer to the Science Center than either Mather or Dunster.
Wait, so you're the Center for High Energy Meta-Physics?
So what does it stand for? Why the funny name?
Think about the initials.
Is the Co-op on-campus or off-campus housing?
Technically we are on-campus housing, but practically we are off-campus housing. Basically, we have the best of both worlds.
What are the rooms like?
Some people say that Cabot House has the best senior rooms, but I'd have to disagree. We live in Victorian Houses, and Victorian Houses are really nice. I mean Teddy Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge both slept here when it used to be a B&B, and they couldn't have been sleeping in cramped quaters could they? One of the rooms here is called the "football field" because it's sooo big. Many rooms have fireplaces. Most of the rooms are singles, but we also have four doubles. Don't be put off by the thought of doubles, though, because these are really nice -- only one is a one room double (and it is enormous), and all the others are two or three room doubles
Do you have ethernet?
Yes, we are part of the Harvard ethernet system as well as the phone system. Both 3 Sacramento and 1705 Mass Ave. also have wireless.
Can I eat meat there?
Yes, you can have and cook meat (I just cooked a big porter house steak ...mmmmmmm...). However, communal meals are usually vegetarian with vegan and/or gluten-free options.
What's the Free Pile?
Ahhh, the free pile. Where to begin? The free pile is where you put all that stuff that you don't want any more, but other people might. It is where I get all my clothing. It is where I got my speakers, my CD player, CDs to play in my CD player, and my marbles, which evidently someone decided to give away, though I don't know why.
Can I have pets if I live there?
Yes, we allow pets in 1705 Mass. Ave, one of our two houses. Right now two dogs live there (along with some 14 people...). The other house, 3 Sac, is pet-free (well, "furry pet"-free, we did use to have a bath tub full of fish, who were tragically lost in an accident involving Simple Green), so people with allergies don't have to worry.
What are the other perks of living in the Co-op?
We are about $3000/year cheaper than living in the houses. We have free parking (which is nothing to scoff at in Cambridge), free laundry, all the perks of being part of Dudley house, good home-cooked meals, many bourgie organic foods, and fresh baked bread every day. We are environmentally conscious and compost our waste. And we consist of cool diverse people in a relaxed non-institutional atmosphere.
Why don't I live there?
I don't know. Why don't you?
Can I live in the co-op over the summer?
No, you may not. (Harvard uses the summer for renovating the co-op.)

Alumni questions

So, are you gonna make an alumni database already?
Okay, okay, we're working on it. Right now it's not on-line, but hopefully soon it will.
What's happening with the newsletter?
Weeelll... not really anything. If you'd like to help resurrect it please email us at

Compiled and written by Hana Takusagawa 3/02, modified by Han Yu 2/05.