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Dear Dudley Co-op Alumni,

Greetings from the Dudley Cooperative House! We, the current members of the Co-op, are writing you this letter because we want to establish a stronger connection with our alumni. The 40th anniversary is rapidly approaching and we want to make it a HUGE event, with as much of your involvement as possible. We are going to need help organizing the event. We are also in the process of creating a semi-annual newsletter that can link our large community of current, former, and future Co-opers.

We were all sitting around one day talking about how hard it must be for Co-opers to indentify with the Harvard Alumni magazine. After all, who cares if some classmate of ours that we never met, has just been promoted to CEO of a Fortune 500 company, deserted his devoted wife of twenty-five years for his secretary, and bought a Ferrari? Since the Co-op is a unique way of getting through Harvard (for many Co-opers it is the only survivable way), we have to create our own alumni network. I don't expect that many Co-opers are a part of or want to be a part of the final club/old boy network, but as part of the community of former and current Co-opers, we have resources and common interests that we can share with each other. We are planning a five to ten page semi-annual newsletter that will include contributions by you, as well as by our staff. After all, who won the 16th semiannual Dudley Co-op Wheelchair Time Trial Race? Did Damon's long lost son materialize and start living in the basement? Will duty stations ever be done?

We managed to get Dudley House to give us some money for this first mailing. We are, however, going to need your help - the Dudley House grant will continue each semester only if we get a substantial show of interest (and some additional support to Harvard Cooperative House) from you.

Check out the Dudley Co-op web page after April 30 at Please visit the site and e-mail us at In other Co-op news, Senior Co-oper Amelia Kaplan wrote her American History and Literature thesis - "Don't Spit in the Soup, We all Have to Eat" - on the history of the Co-op. Her project has sparked a significant amount of interest in Co-op history and has prompted us to begin organizing the Co-op archives. If you have anything that you would like added, please send it to me.

Please check with your fellow former Co-opers if they received this mailing and contact us if the mailing list needs to be updated.

If you are ever in the area please come visit us. We all love to hear and tell stories and to share all the great cooks that we have this semester. And don't worry, nobody will be spitting in the soup. Sincerely, Frisbé (John Thomasson) (617) 354-9109 (main phone)

  • ____ Yes! I can't live without the Co-op! I must sign over all my time! I will help plan the 40th anniversary!
  • ____ Yes! I've enclosed some juicy details about the Cosp's past lives! Here they are!
  • ____ Yes! I'm a writing guru! I will submit works for the Cosp newsletter and web page!
  • ____ Yes! I'd like to come eat some tofu with you! I'll be visiting soon!
  • ____ No! You got me confused with some other weirdo. And I don't want to be in your mailing list. Eat compost, you punk.

Please send your response to the Coop, c/o John Thomasson, 3 Sacramento St., Cambridge, MA 02138 or email