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An eclectic house, Dudley serves the needs of both graduate students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and undergraduates who are non-resident. The latter actually have a choice: they can affiliate with Dudley House or maintain their affiliation with the residential House of which they were part of before moving off-campus. Dudley, located within the Yard (Lehman Hall) since 1967 works particularly well for students who are eager:

Unlike the other Houses, Dudley can be chosen: it does not participate in the randomization scheme. Its Co-op members thrive in their smaller community and join with students living as close as Harvard Square and Somerville and as far away as Cape Cod to celebrate and have fun. Special events include the Holiday Hoopla (with Yankee Swap) and Spring Dinner. In no other House can you find the personalized attention on which Dudley prides itself.