Encouraging Mankind to Perceive Others With Equal Respect

EMPOWER: A resource empowering students to look at and talk about disability from multiple perspectives, building awareness throughout our campus, community, and society.


Board Members: Lisa Guttentag, Vanessa Henke

Faculty Advisors: Louise Russell, Student Disability Resources; John Barnard, Statistics

Why join EMPOWER?

-Share your thoughts and feelings about your experiences with disability with empathetic students

-Make new friends with students and other community members

-Attend interesting panels and other events

-Do what YOU want to do -- organize your own project, or give EMPOWER new ideas!

Opportunities Available within EMPOWER for 2001-2002:

Program Coordinators
Financial Advisors

The Four Divisions:
1. Community Outreach  

Teaching awareness in schools, pairing community members with Harvard students.

2. Academia  

Sponsoring conferences surrounding academic perspectives on the study of disability, implementing and publicizing disability-related coursework in all schools of the university, encouraging inter-faculty initiatives and supporting existing ones.

3. Awareness  

Sponsoring speaker and panel events, contributing to campus publications, producing a newsletter, supporting related events at the college and in the community.

4. Campus concerns 

Increasing events accessibility, making accessibility information available, coordinating discussion groups on campus for students to address disability-related concerns.

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