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Editor's Note
David Sclar

Features: Violence and Public Health

Domestic Violence

Interview with Jacquelyn Campbell
Associate Dean of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
Interviews with Esta Soler and Lisa James
Family Violence Prevention Fund

Shaping California’s Health Policy for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence
Connie Mitchell, MD

Gun Violence

The Costs and Benefits of Reducing Gun Violence
Philip J. Cook, Ph.D., and Jens Ludwig, Ph.D.
Firearm Prevalence and the Risk of Suicide: A Review
Matthew Miller, MD, MPH, Sc.D., and David Hemenway, Ph.D.

Linking Data to Save Lives: Recent Progress in Establishing a National Violent Death Reporting System
Deborah Azrael, Ph.D., Catherine Barber, MPA, and James Mercy, Ph.D

In Focus

Confronting the Global HIV Epidemic: A Call for Equity
Laura Tarter and Paul Farmer, MD

Malaria: Its Human Impact, Challenges, and Control Strategies in Nigeria
Arese Carrington, MD, MPH

Eradicating Malaria: High Hopes or a Tangible Goal?
Ilana Brito

Health Highlights

The DNA Code Meets the United States Code: Legal Protections Against Genetic Discrimination
David C. Bowen, Ph.D., and Nancy Segal, JD
TV, Drugs, and Health Care: Evaluating and Combating the Influence of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising on the Prescription Drug Market
Gwyneth Card

Physicians’ Asthma Prescribing Habits: Challenges to Popular Therapeutic Narratives of Racial Disparities in Asthma Morbidity
Jennifer Clark

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