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Editor's Note
Clay Ackerly

Features: Election 2000
Health Care in the Upcoming 2000 Election
Robert Blendon, ScD

Health Care Reform: A Century of Defeat
Jacob Hacker

Health Care: Does It Matter in the Presidential Compaign?
David Blumenthal, MD, MPP

Summary of the Bush Health Care Plan

Summary of the Gore Health Care Plan

Interview with Sally Canfield
Domestic Policy Advisor to the Bush Campaign

Interview with Sarah Bianchi
Deputy Issues Director to the Gore Campaign

Health Highlights
The Fiscal Dynamics of Drug Coverage for the Elderly: Policymakers Face Difficult Choices
Donald Moran, Kevin Kirby, Margaret Philip, Mary Jo Braid

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage: Reviewing the Terms of the Debate
Kristina Hanson

The Politics of Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
Noëlle Sherber

The Uninsured in the U.S.: An Issue Brief
Colleen Barry and Julie Donohue

Protecting Patients: The Debate Over a Patients' Bill of Rights
David Sclar

In Focus
Improving Patient Safety
Donald Berwick, MD, MPP

Nurse Practitioners and Primary Care Physicians: Complements, Substitutes and the impact of Managed Care
David Auerbach

Understanding Trends in Employment-based Health Insurance Coverage
Patricia Keenan

ERISA: A Legal Shield for HMOs
Michael Housman

Medicare HMOs: Will They Survive?
Andrea Magyera

Glossary of Health Care Terms
Compiled by Shela Burke

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