Thank you for considering leading FUP 2014! Anyone who will be a student in fall semester 2014 is welcome to apply, and we have included FAQs for your convenience below. Soon after the due date, we will send you information about scheduling an interview, which will take place from February 6th through February 16th. We will get back to you by the end of February with final decisions. Good luck!

How To Apply To Be A Leader!

Be A FUP Leader for Summer 2014 by applying here ! Application is due January 31st at 11:59 pm.

What is FUP?
The First-Year Urban Program is a week-long orientation to communities and community service opportunities in Cambridge and Boston for incoming first-year undergraduates (whom we call FUPpies). FUP supports and challenges FUPpies to look beyond the walls of Harvard and to see the issues that affect the urban community in which they will be spending their next four years. FUPpies, accompanied by experienced sophomore, junior, and senior student leaders and mentors, work with Cambridge and Boston area community members, the leaders of neighborhood service and activist organizations, and the leaders of the College's public service community. FUP's mission is threefold: to aid grass-roots organizations in local communities; to catalyze the FUPpies' involvement in service and activism while at the College; and to orient the new students to Harvard, Cambridge, and Boston, while providing them with the opportunity to meet peers who share with them an interest in public service and activism.

What do FUP leaders do?
The responsibilities of a FUP leader are numerous. All leaders are required to arrive back at Harvard by August 14th or 15th, 2014 (we'll let you know the final date soon), to undergo a four-and-a-half day training period, during which time the full schedule of FUP 2014 will be explained. Leaders are split into groups of two or three and assigned a group of six to nine FUPpies. Each group works at a different project site around Cambridge and Boston. In past years, project sites have included Boston Workers' Alliance in Dorchester, the Hawthorne Youth Community Center in Roxbury, and the AIDS Action Committee in JP. Work at the sites ranges from painting and cleaning to voter registration to food preparation and weeding. During the evenings, all of the groups come back together at Harvard, where we will hear from speakers and participate in activities. Leaders are also responsible for facilitating conversations on issues of service, activism, and social justice based on readings assigned to the FUPpies. In general, leaders are expected to share their experiences with FUPpies and to serve as mentors for the first-year students in their groups.

What kind of people are you looking for to be FUP leaders?
We are looking for a whole range of people with a diversity of experiences. In particular, we are looking for individuals who have displayed a strong commitment to service and activism and who are able to think critically about the issues involved in such commitments. We also want people who are open and enthusiastic, and who desire to get to know and be a resource for first-year students in their difficult transition process.

Can I be a FUP leader if I wasn't ever a FUPpie?
Absolutely! Many great FUP leaders were never FUPpies. Please let us know if you'd like to talk with any of them about their experiences as leading while being new to FUP. And remember, the FUP Steering Committee is always glad to talk about FUP with all prospective leaders.

How can I become a FUP leader?
Just fill out this google form by 11:59PM on January 31st. Once we receive your application, we will send you information about scheduling an interview, which will take place between February 6 and 9, and we'll get back to you by the end of February!

What is Steercom?
Six wonderful people who are responsible for logistical coordination of FUP all year, but especially during the summer. Jobs include arranging worksites and the FUP reading packet; accepting leaders and fuppies; setting leader and FUP week schedules; and arranging food and funding for FUP. SteerCom gets free housing on campus, usually grant funding for the summer, and should be in the Boston/Cambridge area for the summer (this is flexible)!

SteerCom application process: formally declare candidacy by February 21st; leader community elects new SteerCom on February 23rd!

If you have any questions, email the FUP Steering Committee at harvardfup@gmail.com.