Odds and Ends

I'm scared that I don't know Harvard's campus enough...suggestions?
Check out The Harvard University Map. It's searchable!

I am an international student and I'll have to register with the HIO. Will I be able to do so during FUP week?
Although the HIO wants students to register as soon as possible after arriving, there is no set deadline for registering. It is just easier for them to get organized before the school year begins. Registration takes about 15 minutes - you'll fill out a form and they'll make sure that your passport is in order for academic registration. The HIO office is open M-F, 9-5 pm. If you have any more questions, you can call them at 617.495.2789.

I'm interested in doing community service at Harvard after FUP. Where should I go?
Your FUP leaders are your best resource, so just take your paint can and chat a little as you paint a fence or wall. There will be a list (eventually) up on the web of what the leaders are involved in. And we've also set aside an entire page of resources.