Ivy Yan Ivy Yan

Hometown: Carmel, IN
Concentration: Social Studies and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
House: Currier
Activities: Phillips Brooks House AssociationOfficers, Athena Program (gender empowerment mentoring), Chinatown After School Program, Progressive Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (PAPIA, pronounced like papaya), thesising, biking from the Quad
Interests: All nerd things (LotR, Orphan Black, X-Men, Sailor Moon, etc.), reading, Tumblr, listening to music, lying on the floor, sitting on non-chair items, not wearing shoes, eating, long conversations, and cuddling.
Hottest cause: Anti-Racist Feminism/Feminist Anti-Racism
Summer Plans: Interning with Asian Americans Advancing Justice, a civil rights organization in DC
Favorite metro Boston location: Chinatown <3
Your life in a gchat status: Talk to me I'm probably bored
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Cry the Beloved Country by Alan Paton
Short bio: Ivy is a rising senior in Currier House hailing from the great state of Indiana mostly, but also previously from Tianjin, China; Alberta, Canada; and San Diego, CA. When she isn’t biking to class or to PBH/Women’s Center for meetings (yay service/activism!), you may find her buried in her ink-stained bed trying to study, drinking coffee/tea, or hanging out with friends in Currier. If you want to nerd out over almost anything, she’s your girl. A classic introvert, it may take some convincing to get her out of the Quad (food usually works as bait), but of course she will always make time for Fuppies because y’all are awesome. She loves intentional life-long service, ranting about racism, learning new things, cuddling, music, reading, eating, and any combination of the above.

Carter Ithier Carter Ithier

Hometown: Hooksett, NH
Concentration: Mechanical Engineering, SB
House: Cabot House (Best House)
Activities: Cambridge Arduino After-School Program (CAASP), Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers (HSBSE), Black Out, microrobotics research, Queer Advisory Counsel
Interests: Robotics, dogs, hip hop and R&B, the quad, working with kids, religion, Janelle Monae, black things, queer things, black queer things, the peppermint oreo flavor at Berryline, MATLAB, Orphan Black, OTNB, education
Hottest cause: STEM education
Summer Plans: Improving leg design in a cockroach-inspired microrobot
Favorite metro Boston location: Davis Square or Jamaica Plain
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Invisible Man (Ralph Ellison) or The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (Michael Chabon)
Short bio: Carter is a rising super-senior excited for a fourth FUP! He studies mechanical engineering and hopes to pursue a PhD program in robotics and then possibly get involved in STEM education. If you're interested in science, math, and working with kids you should definitely talk to him. Carter can typically be found working in lab, searching for dogs to pet, sleeping, or watching Netflix. Unable to do FUP last year due to scheduling conflicts Carter CANNOT WAIT to get back involved and meet the incoming group of fuppies!

Joshua Joshua

Nickname: Josh, JBC, that one guy in heels
Hometown: Suburbia, NJ by way of NYC
Concentration: Philosophy & Classics joint; Government secondary
House: Adams
Activities: Queering things, troubling gender, producing theatre, queer/gender/Jewish activism in various combinations, Men’s Lightweight Crew, work at the Office of BGLTQ Student Life, philosophy research at the Safra Center for Ethics, Student Advisory Board for Arts & Humanities
Interests: Reality tv, queer theory, bodies, Plato, camp, critical theory, ancient philosophy, the NYTimes crossword puzzle, Disney movies, institutional memory, Judith Butler, the politics of the academy, bemoaning Doodle culture, humanities research, musical theatre, New York, pretending I’m not from New Jersey, performance studies, philosophy of law, mourning the death of the Oxford comma, queer histories, radical protest songs of the 1960’s (ask for the playlist!), reminding people I grew up in NYC, building activist communities
Hottest cause: Destabilizing ALL the binaries, fighting queer identity politics
Summer Plans: Sweating in DC while working at the National Endowment for the Humanities
Your life in a gchat status: Who took all the Plato books out of the library?! Oh wait, me.
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Vidal’s City and the Pillar; Firestone’s Dialectic of Sex
Short bio: Josh is a rising junior in Adams House. He spends his time on campus conjugating Greek verbs, calling out homonormativity, and yelling at people on the Charles. His skills include finding good falafel in unlikely places, navigating public transport, and—to questionable success—resisting the pull of career academia. The way to his heart is through witty banter and quality literary puns, both of which will feature prominently in his third FUP.

Alex Chen Alex Chen

Nickname: Chen
House: Pfoho
Activities: Student Labor Action Movement, Bow & Arrow Press, shenanigans
Interests: hating, biking in rush-hour traffic, student-labor solidarity, cold-type letterpress, noodles, broth to go with noodles, drrty chai, sharing initials with Anne Carson (but none of her talents, sadly), Teen Wolf
Hottest cause: worker justice; confronting power & exploitation at and around work
Summer Plans: FUP steering committee, organizing with Harvard workers @ UNITE HERE! Local 26
Favorite metro Boston location: Packard's Corner
Short bio: Chen was born to two Taiwanese immigrants and raised in the white boomburbs of Southern California. He tries to pet as many dogs as possible.

Gabriel Bayard Gabriel Bayard

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Concentration: Government (maybe?)
House: LOWELL!!
Activities: Student Labor Action Movement, Responsible Investment at Harvard, Harvard College Democrats, Keylatch Tutoring, essentially anything political and liberal.
Interests: Queer Rights, Latin America (LOVE traveling), Labor issues, socioeconomic inequality, NORCAL PRIDE, Activism, Eating (as often as possible), most any liberal or activist issue.
Summer Plans:Organizing with Harvard workers at UNITE HERE! Local 26! with Alex!
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: A People's History of the United States (oops, not a novel)
Short bio: Gabriel is a rising senior who will live in Lowell House next year. Gabriel is thrilled to get back to Cambridge and lead FUP!!! Gabriel came from Sacramento, California, (of which he still has incredible pride) from a Colombian mother and a Haitian father (random, I know). He is fascinated by socioeconomic inequality, especially in Latin America. He is thinking about concentrating in government, but he will probably change his mind. He finds Harvard amazing, rewarding, and frustrating, all at the same time! He spent too much time camping outside with Occupy Harvard last fall, but is still very involved with Labor issues and activism on campus. He loved FUP two years ago, and he cannot wait for FUP 2014!

Roberto Alejandro Pérez (Padilla Mendiola Michel) Roberto Alejandro Pérez (Padilla Mendiola Michel)

Hometown: Pomona, CA
Concentration: Neurobiology with a secondary in either VES or WGS
House: Leverett
Activities: Harvard-Radcliffe RAZA, Fuerza Latina, GLOW, occasionally HoCo, Quincy Grille
Interests: Friendly animals, horchata fraps, Latinidad, QTPOC justice, Pokemon, Mario Kart, competitive Smash Bros, communism, radical art from marginalized communities and non-western canon, street art/graffiti, deep house, online fandoms, languages, tropical fruit, community building, immigration reform, México, Maná, The Strokes, biology, Shrek, drawing, painting, and traveling.
Hottest cause: Institutional reform at Harvard, especially for communities of color
Summer Plans: Interning in Buenos Aires at an arts organization and then doing some traveling in Latin America
Favorite metro Boston location: The Sinclair
Your life in a gchat status: !
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Cajas de cartón by Francisco Jiménez
Short bio: Roberto (PGPs: he, him, his) is a rising senior from the greater LA metropolitan area living in Leverett house. This will be his first year as a FUP leader and he is PUMPED. He reps LA and the West Coast and has a soft spot for Californians. Catch him pining for palm trees, his neighborhood elotero and taquería, the sun, and In N Out when he isn't running around campus or at any number of music venues in the area. The son of two Mexican immigrants, he is a first generation college student and proud of his roots (Si puedes hablar con la efe we're basically already friends). He has created and mastered his own small (but growing!) secret menu in dining halls and is willing to share this wisdom.

Jessica Fournier Jessica Fournier

Nickname: Jess
Hometown: North Kingstown, Rhode Island
Concentration: Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
House: Winthrop
Activities: Our Harvard Can Do Better, Queer Students and Allies, Girlspot
Favorite metro Boston location: Museum of Fine Arts
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Trumpet - Jackie Kay
Short bio: Jess is a rising sophomore in Winthrop House. She enjoys smashing the patriarchy and talking about Title IX. In her spare time, she searches for cheap coffee in Cambridge, watches movies, and talks to cats in a baby voice. Her greatest philosophical question is: "Where are all the queer women?"

Andrea Ortiz Andrea Ortiz

Hometown: Miami, FL/Mexico
Concentration: Social Studies, with a secondary in Econ
House: Kirkland
Activities: HPR, IOP, PBHA, Expressions Dance Company
Interests: Chocolate, coffee, travel, people, and tough conversations.
Hottest cause: Immigrant rights & gender equality!
Summer Plans: Interning at the ACLU Immigrant Rights Project
Favorite metro Boston location: Fields Corner aka Dorchester!!
Your life in a gchat status: Service. Politics. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Anything by Zadie Smith or Chimamanda Adichie
Short bio: Andrea was born in Mexico City, but has spent most of her life in Miami tanning/dancing/playing soccer, lacrosse, basketball/running track/and spending too much time at the library. Latina, feminist, and immigrant; Andrea's two favorite words are compassion & equality. She is passionate about service and activism as methods for social change. You can usually find her sprint-walking to a meeting or drinking too much coffee in the PBHA conference room.

Saheela Ibraheem Saheela Ibraheem

Nickname: Sahelium
Hometown: Piscataway, NJ
Concentration: Neurobiology
House: Quincy House
Activities: Science Club for Girls, Harvard Islamic Society, MIT MSA Mentorship Program, Harvard Shotokan Karate, tutoring for the Bureau of Study Counsel, CS50 TFing (take it!), and Intramural Sports (Q-HAUS!)
Interests: Mentoring, tutoring, reading, travelling, sports, music, movies, languages, research, computer science, math, logic, and puzzles
Hottest cause: Education
Summer Plans: Computational Neuroscience research, being a Program Assistant (PA) for the Harvard Summer Undergraduate Research Village (H-SURV), and FUP Steercom!
Favorite metro Boston location: Park Street
Your life in a gchat status: Golden
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
Short bio: Saheela Ibraheem is a rising senior in Quincy House (the People’s House aka the Best House). She was born in State College, Pennsylvania but raised in Piscataway, New Jersey. She is a first (or second?) generation Nigerian-American who loves rocking out to alternative/indie music and wearing hoodies. She watches The Colbert Report, Suits, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Scandal, and Orange is the New Black. Though she did FOP, she is pumped to be a FUP leader!

David Coletti David Coletti

Hometown: Quincy, MA
Concentration: Romance Languages with a possible joint/ secondary in WGS
House: Kirkland (but on dat DeWolfe lyfe for Soph year)
Activities: CIVICS, DRCLAS, Our Harvard Can do Better Campaign, PAF Mentor, Trans Task Force, MLAB
Interests: Anything queer, The Queen B (and I do NOT mean Lorde), languages, breaking gender roles and stereotypes, EATING and cooking (and then eating what I cook), education, me and mai gurls showin people up at parties (by dancing, of course), good coffee, musicals, speaking Portuguese, my brothers (they're the cutest things evah), nutella, talking to the cafeteria workers in Annenberg, did I say food yet?
Hottest cause: Equal education opportunities, fighting rape culture, and LGBTQ
Summer Plans: Working with education organizations in Brazil that help high school students have access to higher education
Favorite metro Boston location: Park St, or my house
Your life in a gchat status: I just wanna be the gurl u lyke
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote (not a novel nor non-fiction)
Short bio: David is a rising Sophomore in Kirkland House and has been making plans to marry Nathan Adrian since he can remember. When not learning languages or making failed trips to the gym, he enjoys LGBTQ theory, feminism, music, nutella, and watching good films/ creepin cute boys with da gurls. He is extremely passionate about education, and hopes to one day work to bring greater education opportunities to communities/ identities on the margins and be a teacher. Hailing from an Italian/ Sicilian Boston family, David learned to love Jesus Christ as much as he loves a bowl of pasta. He also has two little brothers that he is obsessed with (Rocco and Giovanni), so you will probably hear much about them during the week. Having done FUP as a pre-frosh and the majority of his friends being FUPpies, he cannot wait to see what amazing things err gunna happen in the next summer of FUP.

India Perez-Urbano India Perez-Urbano

Hometown: Nyack, NY
Concentration: Sociology
House: Pforzheimer
Activities: Global Health & AIDS Coalition, Cognitive Liberation art mag
Interests: Art, throwing shade, This American Life, laughing
Hottest cause: Global health equity
Summer Plans: HIV/TB Policy Intern at Doctors Without Borders
Favorite metro Boston location: Institute of Contemporary Art
Your life in a gchat status: $$$
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Short bio: Oldest of four. Yack Town & BX bred. Dominican Trinny. Pre-med. Wannabe city kid. Wannabe hipster. Mother complex. 2 0 1 6. Expert in eating. Laughs too loud. Dances too much. Fro fo’ sho. Oil painter. Instagram addict. Will often quote SNL or Loiter Squad. Learn everything I know from This American Life. FUP.

Noah Greenwald Noah Greenwald

Hometown: Los Angeles
Concentration: Biophysics
House: Winthrop
Activities: PAF (Peer Advising Fellow, helping out freshman adjust to life at Harvard), on the board for Habitat for Humanity helping to organize our yearly domestic and international trips as well as weekend trips in the Boston area. Currently dance both Standard and Latin on the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team. I'm also involved with National Campaign, a voter registration program through the IOP.
Interests: I like listening to music, especially rap and hip/hop. I love being outside, either playing soccer, going on a run, frisbee, or anything active. I play the piano, and I also love to eat food!
Hottest cause: Economic Inequality
Summer Plans: I'll be interning at Vaxess, a startup in Boston that is designing vaccines which do not need to be refrigerated.
Favorite metro Boston location: Park Street
Your life in a gchat status: At practice, can't talk
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Capital in the 21st century
Short bio: Noah is a rising senior in Winthrop who absolutely loved FUP and can't wait to come back and start the best part of the year! Born and raised in LA, Noah was constantly forced to fend off hordes of celebrities knocking on his door to hang out and take pictures with him. As a Californian, Noah tolerates his east coast friends, but knows that the west is where it's at. Currently Noah is concentrating in Biophysics, but that doesn't stop him for taking all manner of other random, unrelated classes.

Kayla Chen Kayla Chen

Hometown: Washingtonville, New York
Concentration: Government
House: ADAmmmmmmmmms
Activities: Mission Hill Afterschool, Leaders!, Fallen Angels Acapella Group, flying trapeze, aerial hoop,
Interests: Circus!! singing, FOOD, savory food, bacon anyone? TV (I have a problem), impromptu getaways and adventures
Hottest cause: Education Inequality and the Achievement Gap
Summer Plans: Leaders! Director Yeaaahh SUP
Favorite metro Boston location: the shore, or along the charles, or Davis
Your life in a gchat status: confuzzled
Short bio: Kayla is a rising junior in Adams House who was born in NYC (which has always felt like her second home) but grew up in the middle of nowhere New York. Her friends sometimes think she's slightly off her rocker but she's quite fine with those comments. Her brain likes to hop around and sometimes she thinks she's a little too absentminded. She's in love with the circus and takes flying trapeze and aerial hoop classes to relax (in addition to watching too much TV). She became interested in social justice work through PBHA and is intent on learning more this summer working with teens in the Summer Urban Program!

Shaquilla Harrigan Shaquilla Harrigan

Nickname: Shaq, ShaqDaddy, ShaqAttaq
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Concentration: Social Studies
House: Mather Haus
Activities: PBHA, Keylatch, The Harvard Independent, HMC, Service to Society Public Service Rep
Interests: BuzzFeed, reading, binge-watching TV shows on Amazon Prime, eating chocolate, Ancient Egypt, painting my nails, napping, arts and crafts, sarcasm, eating Caribbean food, and fancy dresses during awards show season
Hottest cause: Education Reform & Closing the Achievement Gap
Summer Plans: Editorial Intern at Sports Illustrated and Participant in the Clinton International Summer School in Northern Ireland
Favorite metro Boston location: Tie: Mana Escondido (NOM NOM NOM) and Boston Common
Your life in a gchat status: Ermagerd, hi!
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: The Stranger by Albert Camus or Island Beneath the Sea by Isabelle Allende
Short bio: Shaquilla is a junior in Mather House concentrating in Social Studies. When she's not in PBHA, you can find her in the Mather House d-hall hanging out with her friends (read: procrastinating) or in the Harvard Independent Office. On sunny days, she enjoys reading or taking a walk alongside the Charles River. At Harvard, Shaquilla is heavily involved with the Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) and is a sports writer for the Harvard Independent. She also serves as one of the public service reps to engage Harvard students in public service. Shaquilla is always ready to talk about education reform, social theory, BuzzFeed quiz results, and Hiyao Miyazaki films, especially if Burdick's hot chocolate is involved.

Allison Torsiglieri Allison Torsiglieri

Nickname: Torsigs, Al, Big Al
Hometown: Alpine, NJ
Concentration: Social Anthropology
House: Mather
Activities: Harvard Square Homeless Shelter, Youth Housing Initiative, Strong Women Strong Girls, Alzheimer's Buddies, Harvard Undergraduates Raising Autism Awareness, CityServe, some beautiful, supportive friendships (cue the ((double)) rainbow), & Spotify—I’ll steal your playlists unabashedly
Interests: Eating greek yogurt and greek salad, sometimes running, listening to music in all languages, looking at the stars (seeing shooting stars—no one believes me when I say in the moment that I’ve seen one!!), being around inspiring people aka all of you.
Hottest cause: Homelessness, mental health awareness, child welfare system reform
Summer Plans: Intern for the Children's Law Center in Brooklyn, NY through CPIC
Favorite metro Boston location: Harvard Arboretum via Forest Hills
Your life in a gchat status: I'm hangry. Where my carrots at?
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: The Grapes of Wrath
Short bio: Allison is a rising junior who has been spoiled by Mather tower single lyfe and forgot that Shakira-singing alarm clocks are only cool the first time they go off, and only for the person who is meant to wake up—I’m loving living with my freshman year FUP roommate this summer, though (aaand she is hating my alarm--I'm sorry Andrea)! Allison hails from northern New Jersey, what she likes to think is a suburb of New York City (except with more fist-pumping). She loves the color green and eating green things, especially since those are the only kinds of things she knows how to cook (this is truly not the only motivation for her recent turn to vegetarianism). You’ll probably find her whistling, testing her physical strength, or trying to make people laugh by doing a combination of those things. In other news, she is very excited to meet everyone and hear stories and learn together, all the while wondering and exploring whether world peace is possible.

Ceylon Auguste-Nelson Ceylon Auguste-Nelson

Hometown: New York
Concentration: History & Literature
House: Pfoho
Activities: SUP - Chinatown Adventure, Athena, Kuumba, PBHA, Women's Center
Interests: Erin Drake
Hottest cause: Education/Youth
Summer Plans: SUP - CHAD
Favorite metro Boston location: Chinatown
Your life in a gchat status: Invisible.
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: For the Life of Laetitia
Short bio: Raised in New York City by Sri Lankan mama and Trinidadian papa (Tri Lankan). My second time around these here parts, so excited to meet FUPpies this year! Come talk to me; rant, vent, anything - I'd love to hear it.

Kevin Xiong Kevin Xiong

Nickname: Kev
Hometown: Cambridge, MA (where's that?)
Concentration: Economics
House: Cabot
Activities: Student Government, The Harvard LowKeys (a cappella), Asian American Association
Interests: Painting, songwriting, playing guitar, teaching, Superman comics, baby sloths, Felipe's burritos
Hottest cause: Educational equity
Summer Plans: Earning money to spend on Felipe's burritos
Favorite metro Boston location: Alewife by Fresh Pond
Your life in a gchat status: Out eating burritos
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: I'm a big fan of Toni Morrison's "Beloved."
Short bio: Howdy! I was a FUPpie last year and am incredibly excited to return this summer as a leader! Born and bred in Cambridge, I loved having the opportunity to further explore and serve the Greater Boston community. Looking forward to meeting all of you soon.

David Jacob Badillo David Jacob Badillo

Nickname: DJ
Hometown: Kerrville, TX
Concentration: Romance Languages & Literatures
House: Winthrop
Activities: Mariachi Veritas de Harvard, Harvard Pops Orchestra, Phi Iota Alpha
Interests: writing music, playing music, listening to music, MY version of the Nintendo Big Three (LoZ, Mario, and Pokémon), French, Spanish, language acquisition, LGBTQ rights, women's rights, Latino rights, animal rights, "Parks & Rec," "Once Upon a Time," "Bob's Burgers," Buzzfeed
Hottest cause: LGBTQ issues
Summer Plans: Harvard Summer School (???????!)
Favorite metro Boston location: Boston Common
Your life in a gchat status: Gchat???
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: East of Eden
Short bio: Hey y'all! My name is DJ, and I'm super stoked to be one of your FUP leaders! I was born in San Jose, California and spent 10 years there, then moved to Kerrville, TX and have lived there for 10 years, so I'm pretty well acquainted with city slickers and country folk. I'm in love with music and play the violin and viola with some groups on campus. I also arrange/compose music a little too. During the school year I can be found in Winthrop dining hall maniacally whispering in French and Spanish over my computer. (I promise I'm not crazy.) Welcome to FUP!

Neimy Escobar Neimy Escobar

Hometown: North Las Vegas
Concentration: Comparative Study of Religion
House: Quincy
Activities: If it starts with a "Q" I'm probably a part of it.
Interests: The Little Mermaid, chicken waaaangz, Lil Wayne, buttons, Netflix, LGBTQ+ issues, living lyf3.
Hottest cause: Queer Latin@ shtuff
Summer Plans: Santa Monica!
Favorite metro Boston location: Davis Square
Short bio: Neimy (she/her/hers) is RIDICULOUSLY excited for FUP 2O14. FOURTH FUP, BEST FUP! Neimy's motto in life is, "You're not fully dressed until you put a smile on :D!" At only 60 inches, Neimy is passionate about equal rights, queer issues, and defying stereotypes.

Lynne Lynne

Nickname: LYNNE, WAKE UP
Hometown: Westchester (the Chestchester), NY
Concentration: Linguistics
House: Dudley Co-op, House of Po-op (c/o Quincy, pour one out)
Activities: Contact Peer Counseling, Mission Hill Afterschool, Harvard Capoeira, Krav Maga, theater stuff, rolling around in dirt
Interests: language and identity, language and gender, esther quek, is there any vegetable that can't aspire to be a fry, who decides about like fashion stuff and whatever
Hottest cause: educational inequality
Summer Plans: explaining sexual hermaphroditism in freshwater crustaceans to young children in NYC (with live video)
Favorite metro Boston location: OBVIOUSLY THE ICA OBVIOUSLY
Your life in a gchat status: hey take my survey
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: East of Eden, lately
Short bio: Lynne grew up in a tidy little Westchester town and has been extremely dirty since 1998. Nobody knows why her hair does that thing it does.

Yesenia Ortiz Yesenia Ortiz

Hometown: North Hills, Ca (San Fernando Valley)
Concentration: Potentially Studies of Women Gender and Sexuality
House: Adams House
Activities: Athena Mentoring Program, Ballet Folkorico de Aztlan, Harvard College Initiative for Latin American Relations, Fuerza Latina, Harvard-Radcliffe RAZA, Speak Out Loud, Club Water Polo
Interests: Social Justice, Writing, Spoken Word, Water Polo, Drawing, Puppies, Watching too much Netflix, Takis and Lime Hot Cheetohs, Berryline, walks by the Charles with said Berryline, dancing, tumblrs with a cause, too many bad Buzzfeed articles/quizzes, bad rom/coms, boba, baking,
Hottest cause: Gender Issues in POC communities
Summer Plans: Senior Counselor for Keylatch Summer Program offering affordable camp experience to the South End communities.
Favorite metro Boston location: Park Street (Boston Commons + The Thinking Cup= Happy)
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Identity by Ellen Hopkins
Short bio: Yesenia Ortiz is a rising Sophomore that has been struggling with the weather of her first Boston summer (she's been spoiled with the lovely L.A. dry heat all her life.) Too many hours of her life have been spent watching spoken word videos leading to spastic writing sessions filled with all of the feelings of being a first-generation Latina. Her favorite inspiration and hobby is destroying all of the systems of oppression. Yes, all of them. But, she will never be too busy to accompany you on a boba/froyo/food run. It's actually a problem, she is an enabler. Yesenia is super stoked to move through the journey that is FUP, now as a FUP leader. YAY FUP!!!

Sasanka Sasanka

Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Concentration: African American Studies and Studies of Women, Gender and Sexuality
House: Mather
Activities: feminis
Interests: baking complicated things, salt and vinegar chips, relearning how to read for fun, short stories, poetry, Friday Night Lights destroying intersecting systems of oppression
Hottest cause: intersectional feminisms
Summer Plans: interning at HIPS/doing thesis research/eating everything DC has to offer
Favorite metro Boston location: Back Bay Fens (in the spring)
Your life in a gchat status: why you gotta be so rude (racist/sexist/classist)
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Zami
Short bio: I'm a senior who cares very little about grades but cares a lot about Harvard! This year I will be thesis-ing, cooking and baking in my on-campus apartment, and working with lots of on-campus movements to build visibility actions. Equity > equality.

Adrianna Lucero Adrianna Lucero

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
Concentration: Social Studies
House: Dunster
Activities: Coaching debate at CRLS, teaching assistant for USW-35: Dilemmas of Equity & Excellence in K-12 American Education (take it!), thesis
Interests: education, reading, service, delicious vegetarian eats, speech & debate, thrift stores, dumb/cute things on the internet
Hottest cause: Education - as a civil right, as a force that can inspire & empower
Summer Plans: thesis, visiting England, teaching philosophy to high school students in Greece, FUPPP
Favorite metro Boston location: Taylor Square
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Franny & Zooey
Short bio: Adrianna grew up in Southern California, though if you asked her now she’d probably say her home is where her cat (and her family) now lives—Oakhurst, CA, near Yosemite. She was originally Harvard class of 2014, but milled about aimlessly for 2 years before realizing she really didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. She took a year off and served with the nonprofit City Year as a teacher’s aide/mentor/oddly-dressed-person in a 9th grade class in Jacksonville, FL. She still doesn’t know what the future holds, but it will involve some sort of work in education & social justice, so that’s good! Like you, this will be her first FUP!

Ilian Meza-Pena Ilian Meza-Pena

Hometown: San Leandro, CA
Concentration: History and Literature?
Activities: Act on a Dream, Fuerza Latina, RAZA, The Diversity Report
Hottest cause: immigration reform/dismantling borders
Summer Plans: Summer Urban Program (NAYEP!)
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Short bio: Ignited by personal experience and the unwavering support of family and friends, I am passionate about immigration reform and making it a reality. I hope that through the power and support that comes with attending Harvard, I will be able to empower and mobilize the very communities I come from. As a learner both inside and outside of the classroom, I seek to critically analyze society and in particular the systems which perpetuate injustices in the expectation that through organized efforts, The People can hold those in power accountable and consequently dismantle oppressive systems and promote social change.

Haeeun Jee Haeeun Jee

Nickname: but like call me Blessing or Bendi
Hometown: Los Angeles
Concentration: Most likely Sociology
House: K-HAUS
Activities: Dis-Orient Players (acting troupe), Social Innovation Collaborative (so freaking awesome), CIVICS & Mission Hills, Harvard College Consulting Group (I know, I can explain), Asian American Women's Association
Interests: Cooking / eating, social entrepreneurship, taking photos of white boys in salmon shorts, stalking Harvard Facebook, Drake and Childish Gambino, writing letters, all about spiced food, too excited for Dear White People, cute stationary, mafia / gangsta movies (i'm the worst), and intersections of religion and social justice.
Hottest cause: our education system
Summer Plans: Buenos Aires, improving my Spanish and exploring the city
Favorite metro Boston location: It's a tie between Porter Sq and Downtown Crossing
Your life in a gchat status: like all i want in life is pad thai for dinner, drake in bed, and honest conversations about intersectionality plz
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri
Short bio: I was born in South Korea, but came to the States when I was two! I spent formative years in Kentucky (I know like wut) and of course Los Angeles (so much better). All about them West Coast vibes. Grew up public schooled w/ a humanities education. I changed my mind from English to Gov to Anthropology & Linguistics to Sociology all in one semester, sooo we'll see how this goes. FUP was a huge part of my freshmen year (5 out of 6 of my block mates are FUPpies). Extremely excited for this fall!

Diana Nguyen Diana Nguyen

Hometown: Lawndale
Concentration: Government
House: Quincy
Activities: Asian American Association, Community Cousins, BRYE Afterschool
Interests: Graphic Design, Storytelling , Photography
Hottest cause: Sex Education
Summer Plans: Following the Viet Diaspora in Europe
Favorite metro Boston location: Fields Corner
Your life in a gchat status: availible
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Short bio: Diana Nguyen is a third-year living in Quincy House concentrating in Government. Despite being only twenty years old, she boasts quite an impressive resume. The summer of her first-year, she taught herself to eat an entire cantaloupe in one sitting. In addition, she can paint the nails of her right hand with her left hand; the girl isn't even ambidextrous! On a serious note though, Diana packs a lot of punch (Have you seen her right gun/arm?). I would not mess with her especially on issues of cultural misappropriation, inequality, and privilege.

Jason Mills Jason Mills

Hometown: Queens, New York
Concentration: Economics
House: Winthrop
Activities: BSA Inclusivity Chair, BMF, HMC Senior Staffer, and Peer Advising Fellow!
Interests: I am interested in making the world a better place (aren't we all)? I am interested in equal access to education, prison reform, and the achievement gaps between students of color and their peers. I am interested in a career in law or business. I just need to talk to people!! Nonacademic interests would include watching tennis; SERENA WILLIAMS is the best thing since sliced bread (and yes, I just said that). I love bubble tea, rice pudding, halal food( from NYC), and sushi. Yes I love food :).
Hottest cause: Prison Reform
Summer Plans: I will be studying Madrid and Barcelona, Spain for two months!
Favorite metro Boston location: The Boston Aquarium and Copley Square (as a general area). I wanted to avoid another repeat of Boston Commons :P
Your life in a gchat status: SINGING on the top of my lungs and thinking about rice pudding and bubble tea :)
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Small is Beautiful by Ernst Friedrich Schumacher
Short bio: Jason Mills is a sophomore in Winthrop House. A native of Queens, New York, he hopes to study Economics and Philosophy. In addition to Harvard Model Congress, Jason is involved in the Institute of Politics, the Harvard Black Men's Forum, and Harvard's BSA. He also advises freshmen as a Peer Advising Fellow, and spent his summer studying in Spain. His hobbies include watching tennis, speaking Spanish, and singing loudly.

Diana Acosta Diana Acosta

Nickname: Di
Hometown: Washington, DC
Concentration: Sociology
House: Winthrop
Activities: Keylatch Afterschool, PBHA Officers (Community Organizing Chair), FUERZA, RAZA, Latinas Unidas
Interests: Working with children/young people, community-based work, pupusas (eating them mostly), running for fun, soccer, dancing (cumbia and bachata are at the top), listening to old music in Spanish that my parents love, Cola Champan, horchata, plantains, hugs
Summer Plans: Keylatch Summer Urban Program (PBHA)
Favorite metro Boston location: Tie b/w South End and East Boston
Your life in a gchat status: Making curtido for pupusas!
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: This is How You Lose Her
Short bio: I was born in L.A. to very young Salvadoran parents who decided to return to El Salvador due to innumerable injustices that hit them as immigrants and Latinos. As a result, I was raised in El Salvador until I was 8 years old. When poverty and violence continued to impact, my parents decided to move to the states once more. We moved as a family to New Jersey for some time and then to Washington, D.C. where my father was able to obtain a job in house remodeling and construction. My mother, oftentimes jobless, was able to find jobs here and there cleaning apartments. My younger sister and I were raised in the area of Columbia Heights which is known for its concentration of Central American immigrants. We come from a mostly Spanish-speaking community that faces many challenges due to poverty and immigration status but that has been my beautiful family and home since we moved back to the states. After a few years, for high school, we moved to Maryland, right outside of DC, where many of our family friends have supported us in finding a home. Now that I am a rising Senior at Harvard, I have found communities and homes in the Keylatch community, the Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA), and the Latino groups on campus where I have grown a great deal as a person and in my passion for service and community-based work.

Lindsey Claus Lindsey Claus

Nickname: El Claus
Hometown: Mansfield, Massachusetts
Concentration: Mathematics!
House: Cabot #QUADLYFE
Activities: SLAM (Student Labor Action Movement), QSA (Queer Students and Allies), procrastinating on the internet, eating oranges, RI@H (Responsible Investment @ Harvard Coalition), reading things, distrusting neoliberalism, doing science and also critiquing it, finding pictures of adorable animals online, having marathon conversations about activism, feminism, capitalism, internet memes, and everything in between
Interests: SLAMming, FUPping, tumbling, trying to cook and failing terribly, finding weird short lesbian films, continuing to explore what authentic solidarity looks like & how to effectively organize to create change, MEETING FIRST-YEARS (so excited to fup with you all in August!!<3)
Hottest cause: Standing in solidarity with workers engaged in struggles in the Boston area
Summer Plans: FUP STEERCOM!! and other things.
Favorite metro Boston location: ALL OF THE PLACES.
Your life in a gchat status: WHY AM I SO NOCTURNAL
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: ummmmm I don't know, something by ursula k. le guin probably.

Gurbani Kaur Gurbani Kaur

Hometown: Ohio (all of it particularly Northeast Ohio)
Concentration: 64. No repeats. Or hesitations. I'll start. You follow. Category is...
House: Lowell
Activities: Intern at the Harvard Foundation, CrimsonEMS, HealthPALs, ExperiMentors, and the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter Youth Housing Initiative
Hottest cause: Interfaith and Intercultural empathy, understanding, and mutual respect. Global and Public Health equity.
Summer Plans: Studying developmental cardiology/heart regeneration as a PRISE Fellow at MGH.
Favorite metro Boston location: Charles MGH
Your life in a gchat status: Thinking and Inquiring
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Harun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie

Kirin Gupta Kirin Gupta

House: Winthrop
Activities: International Women's Rights Collective, SHEATH, Harvard Foundation
Short bio: I am Kirin Gupta, a rising junior in Winthrop house, PGPs she/her/hers, and I am a crazy (in the good way-usually) feminist and racial justice advocate. I am all about every kind of feeling and much sharing and yoga and fruity tooty liberal things, but also about the deeper conversations and building an understanding of ourselves situated in a much larger set of systems in the world around us, but I can be serious (only on Mondays). Sometimes I wonder if we ever have original thoughts. I co-direct the International Women's Rights Collective and SHEATH (the Sexual Health Education and Advocacy throughout Harvard group). I work for the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations and on research about violence and gender in the global south in postcolonial studies. I was a high school dropout and am a little old for my year (to say nothing of my maturity). I talk a million miles a minute, so feel free to shut me up at any point, because I love to listen too. I am SO excited to work with all of you and hear your amazing stories, and to work with my incredible co-leaders. This is a community unlike any other and I am so pleased to welcome you to it (hopefully with many hugs?).

Jonathan Roberts Jonathan Roberts

Hometown: Highland, California
Concentration: Organizational Behavior
House: Winthrop
Activities: Harvard Model Congress, Mock Trial, Harvard Square Homeless Shelter, Black Students Association, Writing Center
Interests: Public speaking, social activism, writing, sleeping, event planning, day dreaming, impulsive shopping on Amazon, dancing (can someone teach me how to dougie?)
Hottest cause: Corporate Malfeasance
Summer plans: Research at Harvard Business School
Favorite metro Boston location: Harvard Square?
Your life in a gchat status: #ratch
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: A Fighting Chance by Elizabeth Warren (It's an autobiography, but it counts)
Short bio: Originally from Southern California, Jonathan is currently a rising sophomore in Winthrop House. Although he did not participate in FUP last year, Jonathan is excited to share his experiences at Harvard with the incoming freshman class. Jonathan is interested in studying how social environments affect individual outcomes, particularly in the job market and the criminal justice system.

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