Alex Chen Alex Chen

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Concentration: tentatively, Computer Science, secondary in Studies of Women, Gender, & Sexuality
House: Pfoho
Activities: Student Labor Action Movement; print design for Manifesta, the Harvard Independent, the Harvard Advocate; printmaking @ the Bow & Arrow Press
Interests: student-labor solidarity, effective allyship, the Canadian music scene, print design, typography, printmaking, cold-type letterpress, destroying the patriarchy
Hottest cause: student-labor movements!
Summer Plans: interning with UNITE HERE Local 26!
Favorite metro Boston location: Chinatown gate
Your life in a gchat status: invisible
Novel that you'd recommend to the world:Infinite Jest, red doc>
Short bio: Chen grew up in an extremely white Southern California boomburb, less than five miles away from the Ronald Reagan presidential library. On a completely unrelated note, the only things he misses about SoCal are all-you-can-eat Korean barbeque joints & the complete lack of one-way streets. He makes a mean pesto/mozz/tomato/bacon sandwich and is pretty okay at folding dumplings. You can find him investigating new & old methods of caffeine delivery at Simon's Coffee Shop, occupying the press in Adams basement, or sleeping in the Queer Resource Center. When he grows up, he would like to be Cersei Lannister. Or Anne Carson.


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Concentration: Sociology
House: Lowell
Activities: Being an overly caffeinated manager at Lamont Cafe and working as a Widener stacks trainer. Formerly a Crimson photog, Mission Hill mentor, and Harvard Haitian Alliance treasurer. Currently involved in Delta Gamma, will be trying out women's rugby, and plan on returning to CASP.
Interests: Coffee; mixed media art; reading; laughing at stand up comedy; listening to indie, rap, and pop music daily; pretending to learn how to cook; and looking out for new restaurants to try.
Hottest cause: Race relations and the foreclosure crisis.
Summer Plans: Planning FUP! and working at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau
Favorite metro Boston location: Cambridgeside Galleria
Your life in a gchat status: STRESSED
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison or Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris
Short bio: Ashley is a rising senior trying to avoid becoming a real adult for as long as possible. She hails from Brooklyn, NY, the best and realest part of NYC. She lives in Lowell House, concentrates in Sociology, and will hopefully complete a secondary in VES. Ashley is currently working at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau and with Project No One Leaves to keep people from leaving foreclosed homes. When not living in the stacks of Lamont, Ashley loves meeting new people, looking for new indie music, eating veggie sushi, photography, and all things French.

Aubrey_Walker Aubrey Walker

Nickname: Aubz, AJ, Baby Aubs
Hometown: Altadena, CA
Concentration: Human Evolutionary Biology
House: Dunster House
Activities: The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations, Usher at the Institute of Politics, IOP Policy Group, Ultimate Frisbee, anything with my blockmates or MMIH, locked in my room being anti-social
Interests: Consumer electronics, learning about other cultures, Jesus Christ, listening to top 40 (at least I'm honest), MMIH, making and hearing overly dramatic analogies that provide witty social commentary, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, myself, race, free will, social equality, HUDS, being happy, Illuminati, making substantive impact in whatever field I choose to enter into, tea, going to Harvard, speaking Spanish, sleeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppppppping
Hottest cause: Mass Incarceration; Educational outcomes and disparities between Native and Immigrant Blacks;
Summer Plans: Studying abroad in Italy; preparing for Organic Chemistry
Favorite metro Boston location: Boston University East Stop
Your life in a gchat status: Invisible
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: East of Eden
Short bio: Aubrey is a rising junior in Dunster House and enjoyed FUP during his freshman year, but even more as a leader his sophomore year. He is excited to be helping YOU the FIRST YEARS as they make their transition to Harvard! Aubrey is from Los Angeles; well, from a suburb 27 minutes (without traffic) from LA called Altadena. Aubrey grew up the youngest of five and is a triplet! Aubrey and his siblings all attend school on the East Coast. His brother Charles attends American University and his sister Nicole attends Barnard College. He loves everything about Peru except the traffic, traveling, dancing, clubbing, Law and Order: SVU and New Girl.

Bex Kwan Bex Kwan

Hometown: Singapore
Concentration: Visual and Environmental Studies
House: Home Sweet Co-op
Activities: Making/talking about/seeing/making/finding art, directing and facilitating performance, dance improv (with the modern company!), spoken word, peer counseling, interning at the women's center, having great conversations, cooking and baking and eating (mostly in the co-op)
Interests: Good food and good eating, pushing the boundaries of artistic disciplines, making art with unlikely groups of people, thinking deeply (often about things like gender complexity, anti-racism and faith), creating real community, taking everything really slow
Summer Plans: Home, then hanging around the north east
Short bio: Bex is a rising senior who has trouble waking up in the morning. When not on a bike, looking for their bike, or walking very slowly (hence the bike), Bex is probably on a couch drinking a large mug of tea (never coffee) with some good company (hopefully you, in the future.) Bex's spirit animal is a beluga whale that thinks it is a blue whale (I swear this will make perfect sense when you get to know them.) This is Bex's third year as a FUP leader, and they hope to get the opportunity to share with you what makes them always come back to this family!


Hometown: San Francisco, CA (!!!!!!!!!)
Concentration: Literature, with a secondary in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, and a citation in Arabic.
House: Dudley Co-op (formerly Currier)
Activities: writing, performing, organizing, and teaching spoken word poetry with Speak Out Loud on-campus, and all kinds of folks off-campus. talking with high schoolers about gender, race, & life through the Athena Program. blaring unapologetic feminism with Manifesta Magazine. biking the wrong way down one-way streets. sampling all Harvard & Cambridge libraries, and all Cambridge & Somerville coffeeshops.
Interests: spoken word, slam poetry, poetry in general, introducing people to spoken word. diving in archives, hoarding library books. feminism, queerness, gender in all its permutations, race, class, complicity, not having the answers (but continually asking the questions.) how to encourage young people to ask those same questions; how to open conversations rather than slamming doors. cities, san francisco and the bay area, boston and the greater boston area, patterns of public transit, navigating public transit. chocolate chips, really good bread, feminist blogs (the good ones!). foggy san francisco beaches, flowers in cambridge springtime and patchwork landscapes in east coast autumn.
Hottest cause: arts in education, arts as education, the power of voice, making change through art
Summer Plans: talking gender with middle school & high school students via Summer Athena; reading & writing academic stuff for my thesis, or pretending to; writing & watching lots of poetry; taking full advantage of the MBTA.
Favorite metro Boston location: Central Square
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Beloved by Toni Morrison. Also, Oranges are not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson. Also, Fun Home.
Short bio: Cassandra will talk your ear off about the glories of the San Francisco Bay Area, where she grew up, but she has developed a soft spot for Boston over the past three years. Now a rising senior, she spends most of her time thinking about the implications of the language we use, whether she's writing impassioned academic papers about resistance to norms through poetry, having some real talk about gendered expectations with high school students, getting incensed about the diplomatic bluster of big-league politics, or writing and performing her own poems. She can't wait to welcome this year's FUPpies!

Ceylon Auguste-Nelson Ceylon Auguste-Nelson

Nickname: Ceylonie
Hometown: New York City
Concentration: Undeclared
House: PfoHo PfoSho
Activities: Kuumbabe all day every day, Athena Mentoring Program, Women's Center Intern, On Thin Ice Improv
Interests: Trinidadian and Sri Lankan everything, soca music, people, reading, education, race, talking to people instead of doing work, obsessive crossword-puzzling, Kuumba, discussing race with everybody all the time
Hottest cause: Education, mentoring.
Summer Plans: SUP -Chinatown Adventure! Cause that's whatSUP.
Favorite metro Boston location: Huntington Theater area
Your life in a gchat status: lalalalalaaaa
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Purple Hibiscus, The Water is Wide, Unaccustomed Earth
Short bio: Ceylon is a sophomore in Pforzheimer House. Like many New Yorkers, she takes the phrase "there's no place like home" to mean that New York City is the best place in the world. Other than New York however, she loves Trinidad and Sri Lanka, as she is the proudest Tri Lankan out there. At Harvard, Ceylon is very attached to the awesome communities that she became a part of in her first year, these being Athena, an amazing gender-focused mentoring program, Kuumba, a banging choir, and of course, FUP, a gathering of the coolest of the cool folks interested in social justice and saving the world (but not in a swooping-in-savior kinda way because we don't endorse that here). She is looking forward to another year further exploring her interest in race, gender, and education and youth, and finding more places where she can have discussions about these things with fellow students.


Nickname: twick
Hometown: cali
Concentration: af.am.
House: pfoho fo sho
Interests: gettin' free
Hottest cause: poetry 4 de ppl
Summer Plans: goin' down south
Favorite metro Boston location: roxbury
Your life in a gchat status: Free Angela
Book that you'd recommend to the world: Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Short bio: At the present moment, I have a very problematic crush on prophet Tupac Amaru Shakur and a very unproblematic crush on goddess Angela Yvonne Davis.

Darshali Vyas Darshali Vyas

Nickname: Darsh, Darshvader, D-Pain
Hometown: Lexington, KY
Concentration: Social Studies
House: Q-HOUSE
Activities: Global Health and AIDS Coalition, Advocating Success for Kids (ASK) , Harvard Model United Nations, assorted South Asian activities
Interests: Kentucky basketball, activism, spicy food, meeting new people, dancing, long drives, cheese and crackers, Drake
Hottest cause: health equity
Summer Plans: working with the Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) and doing thesis research in Ahmedabad, India
Favorite metro Boston location: Charles River!
Short bio: Darshali is a rising senior in Quincy House hailing from the Bluegrass State, home of a basketball powerhouse, Abe Lincoln, and a little ole horse race called the Kentucky Derby. She misses the South but gets by in the throws of big city life. Though she'll spend a lot of next year figuring out what to do next, for now she's excited to start her senior year the right way...the only way...FUP 2013!!!!

Dipona Bandy Dipona Bandy

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Concentration: Social Studies & Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
House: Eliot
Activities: PBHA, PAF-ing, alternately camping out in and avoiding libraries
Interests: Compulsive and social tea & coffee drinking, baking, dogs, art, TV, National Parks, praxis, postcoloniality, feminist theory
Hottest cause: Smash the patriarchies that entangle us all
Summer Plans: Thesis research in Calcutta and Delhi on women's activism strategies
Favorite metro Boston location: Central Square & Fields Corner
Short bio: Dipona Bandy is a rising senior with in(de)finite plans for the future. She loves spicy food, and colors and the weather really affect her mood. She is excited to meet and get to know the next generation of FUPpies!

Edward Escalon Edward Escalon

Nickname: Eddie, Lalo, "Como el Edward de Crepusculo"
Hometown: My heart is split between Calipatria, CA and Fresno, CA
Concentration: The Comparative Study of Religion
House: Kirkland
Activities: RAZA, El Fup, PBHA's Keylatch After School Program, picking up kids in PBHA vans, eating, showing up late to class because I'm waiting in line at DD, hanging out with my best frens
Interests: Religion, ethnic studies, immigration, faith and social movements...is caffeine an interest?
Hottest cause: Getting rid of racism.
Summer Plans: Thesis research in Barcelona, volunteering with El Casal in Barri Besos, Barcelona and helping out with PBHA's Summer Urban Program in July and August.
Favorite metro Boston location: The Burger King in Somerville
Your life in a gchat status: I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' 22!
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, El Mundo Amarillo
Short bio: I'm a senior studying religion, focusing on the religious experiences of immigrants and the ways in which people use their faith to survive crisis. I can't believe that I've finally made it to senior year! I was born in Sanger, CA (just outside of Fresno) but I moved to the Imperial Valley when I was only five. I spent most of my life living really close to the US-Mexico border, in a very small, agricultural town. I love animals! In high school I raised pigs and I'm convinced that they make the perfect pets. After coming to Harvard I became really interested in social justice and youth power. You can probably find me at my job (receptionist at PBH) or hanging out with my friends in Quincy d-hall at 3 in the morning. This summer I will be conducting field work at a pentecostal church in Barcelona and volunteering at l'Espai Obert Per Adolescents in a working class neighborhood of Barcelona. Also, I <3 single moms and grandmas. I don't care what Mitt Romney says.

IKO'TSIMISKIMAKI BECK Ekoo, or as one bizarre character likes to call her "Eeks"

Hometown: Zoo town and Brown Town, MT (Missoula and my Rez)
Concentration: TBD, unless Hahvahd creates "Studies of Historical and Institutional Oppression in the United States".
House: Pfoho
Activities: Joining and occasionally attending a plethora of clubs, procrastinating, distracting people, thinking deep thoughts, and creeping out Alex Chen.
Interests: Anything related to social justice, anything related to the outdoors, probs anything janky, and living that Ekoo life.
Hottest cause: Anything, most educated and invested in American Indian rights.
Summer Plans: Working as a senior leader for NCBI Missoula, a non-profit organization whose mission is to "create a more just and inclusive society by developing leaders who work to end mistreatment, correct systemic inequalities and strengthen community cohesion", and living that healthy life.
Favorite metro Boston location: erm, places where protests are held? Ekoo generally resides in a four-block radius of dorm, work, food, and library during the academic year.
Your life in a gchat status: don't trend on me
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: none #non-fictionlife
Short bio: Iko'tsimiskimaki, better known as Ekoo (pronounced eeeekoooooooo, or with a long eeee and oOoOo) was born in Chicago to a German-American (father) and Native American (mother). Her parents, ironically, originated from both oppressor and the oppressed; luckily they stuck with advocating for the later. When in Chicago her father's position as the dean of an American Indian College and her mother's as an American Indian ambassador, shaped her future as an angsty but hopeful activist. She spent most of her youth traveling, hanging out with old natives, and doing dorky academic things, eventually moving to her mother's home state (well kind of, her mother was a homeless migrant farm worker growing up, but this is where her reservation is) and appreciating the perfection of the most beautiful place on earth (Montana). After trudging through many excruciating years of crappy public school she arrived at the epitome of everything she hated in the world (Harvard) to find that the students may be the epitome of everything she loves in the world. Ekoo's greatest aspirations for this year are to get a sh*t ton of tattoos on her 18th birthday (the upcoming August 16th!), expand (and perfect) her hobby of creeping from achen to her other roommate Shannon (and possibly/probably beyond), continue her successful rein as queen of distraction, and make well meaning but feeble attempts to end all oppression.

Erin Drake Erin Drake

Nickname: E. Drake, Drake, Erin Drake of America
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Concentration: History and Literature
House: QUINCYYYYYY (Penguins get at me)
Activities: Phillips Brooks House Assoc stuff, Association of Black Harvard Women (kinda), other black/women things, mentoring the world, eating carrots, drinking water, Netflix.
Interests: stories, OTNB, plants, my bed, snapchats, post-it art, people, Sammy G's interests section, books, the lady elite, music, CATS, truths untold.
Hottest cause: folks of color telling their narratives as they see fit, education, ACCESS, and acknowledging and pointing out the constant injustices that surround being other in this here place. Let's talk more later.
Summer Plans: teaching nine 11-13 year old kid babygirls with PBHA's Summer Urban Program-KEY LATCH, Reading a book or two (or zero) for my thesis, enjoying solitude and company when it fits
Favorite metro Boston location: The South End-specifics to come/ twice a year Sammy G's house
Your life in a gchat status: womp
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: The Autobiography of Malcolm X
Short bio: There's a sizeable amount of information above but more tid bits about Erin! ? When she's not laying in her bed watching Netflix (an account that isn't hers mind you), she enjoys thinkin', talking to other folks about real ish/poop/anything really, being brown (good to be brown), water (swimming and drinking), reading stories that often aren't told and thinking about how different the world would be if they were. Erin is also always down to eat tasty food and meet new thoughtful folks. FUP will be Erin's first "last" of this year (4th FUPPPPPPPP) and she's stoked to share it with all of you. Dreams: being friends with Sandra Oh,

Gianina Yumul Gianina Yumul

Nickname: G-Unit
Hometown: Tappan, NY
Concentration: Astrophysics
House: Quincy
Activities: Harvard University Band, playing jazz on the radio, eating, sleeping, watching Parks and Recreation, daydreaming
Interests: Feminism, Vampire Weekend, astronomy, art history, comedy,
Hottest cause: Education reform
Summer Plans: Teaching six-year olds as a senior counselor for the Phillips Brooks House Summer Urban Program
Favorite metro Boston location: Central Square, specifically Veggie Galaxy
Your life in a gchat status: Hit me up - I'm probably procrastinating
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie
Short bio: Gianina is a rising sophomore in Quincy house (Q HAUS BEST HAUS) and is psyched to partake in her first FUP this year. She grew up in Rockland County, NY, which is referenced in an awesome Regina Spektor song. She has since adopted Boston as her home away from home. She thinks astrophysics is pretty cool and hopes to do research at the Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. A music lover, she plays flute in the University Band, spins jazz of the unsmooth variety on WHRB, and sings in the shower. In the future, Gianina wants to be more involved with tutoring programs on campus to further her knowledge of issues in education.

Harleen Gambhir Harleen Gambhir

Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA
Concentration: Social Studies
Activities: Anything and everything with the Institute of Politics, working on electoral campaigns, Ghungroo (do it do it do it), Harvard Model Congress and HACIA (government simulation conferences for high schoolers), Delta Gamma Interests: Campaigns, national security/foreign policy, dabbling in engineering and computer science with absolutely no background, technology and democracy, the now-extinct HUDS congo bars (ask me about these), finding random patches of sunlight around campus, dancing, running, Sikhism, playing the ukulele, Facial Fridays (also ask me about this), being Californian
Hottest cause: mental health at Harvard; religious tolerance; feminism; learning, learning, learning from those around me
Summer Plans: Foreign policy research and thesis work as a Harvard-Cambridge Summer Fellow in the UK
Favorite metro Boston location: Central Square
Your life in a gchat status: "Strongly spent is synonymous with kept." -Robert Frost
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: An American Childhood by Annie Dillard, Moby Dick, and the short story "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place" by Hemingway
Short bio: Harleen is a rising senior and a former FUPpie who cannot be more excited to be joining as a FUP 2013 leader. Harleen grew up in Southern California, wearing sundresses and abiding by a strict diet of In N' Out and Mexican food. She expects to spend most of her senior year nerding out about her thesis, having long, aimless, and entertaining conversations, and trying to complete an extremely detailed bucket list. Harleen's ideal FUP date would include thrift shopping, Petsi Pies, and a heated discussion on the relationship between politics and public service.

IvyYan Ivy Yan

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana
Concentration: Social Studies and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality (WGS)
House: Currier House! Tree <3
Activities: PBHA Officers, ATHENA (gender empowerment mentoring), Visiting Undergraduate Student Program, sleeping too late, trying not to drink coffee, biking, raging against the machine, hanging out in the Currier D-Hall/PBHA Conference Room, talking about social justice, reading, more reading, and school I guess.
Interests: Indian Food, Thai Food, all food, listening to music (I'm currently obsessed with the new Vampire Weekend album/Vince Gill/Rhapsody in Blue), baking with friends, the Quad lawn, thrifting, my bed, Law and Order SVU, DOCTOR WHO, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Friends. Obviously, Internet is a problem.
Hottest cause: Gender Equality & Intentional/Inclusive Social Change
Summer Plans: At home! working at the Indiana Coalition against Sexual Assault, playing tennis, eating, and watching Parks and Rec like it's my business. Then in Boston! SUP, FUP Steercom, secretary-ing/getting paid at the Center for Ethics, and Summer Athena!!!
Favorite metro Boston location: Somerville Theatre, which is also the home of the Museum of Bad Art OR the view of the Charles River from Charles MGH especially when I'm returning to school
Your life in a gchat status: Derp
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton
Short bio: Ivy is a rising junior in Currier House hailing from the great state of Indiana mostly, but also previously from Tianjin, China; Alberta, Canada; and San Diego, CA. She loves her family and especially her distressingly almost-as-tall-as-her 10-year-old little sister. When she isn't biking to class or to PBH/Women's Center for meetings (yay service!), you may find her buried in her ink-stained bed trying to study, drinking Raspberry Royale tea, or visiting friends in the far-off lands of the River. If you want to nerd out over almost anything (LotR, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Harry Potter), she's your girl. A classic introvert, it may take some convincing to get her out of the Quad (food/meals usually work as bait), but of course she will always make time for Fuppies because y'all are awesome. She loves intentional life-long service, learning new things, cuddling, music, reading, eating, and any combination of the above. She hates wearing shoes and sitting in chairs conventionally. Welcome to FUP!

Joshua Joshua

Nickname: Josh, JBC, that one guy in heels
Hometown: Suburbia, NJ by way of NYC
Concentration: Philosophy & Classics
House: Qabot
Activities: Queering things, troubling gender, queer/labor/gender/Jewish activism in various combinations (ask me! really!), Men's Lightweight Crew, Harvard Hillel, research at the Kennedy School, interning at the Office of BGLTQ Student Life, advocating for research in the humanities
Interests: Reality tv, queer theory, bodies, camp, critical theory, the NYTimes crossword puzzle, Disney movies, institutional memory, Judith Butler, bemoaning Doodle culture, theatre, New York, pretending I'm not from New Jersey, performance studies, philosophy of law, mourning the death of the Oxford comma, queer histories, radical protest songs of the 1960's (ask for the playlist!), reminding people I grew up in NYC, building activist communities
Hottest cause: Destabilizing ALL the binaries, fighting queer identity politics
Summer Plans: Bridging the gap between academia and community organizing at the Harvard Department of Philosophy; policy research for the MA Commission on LGBT Youth
Your life in a gchat status: Who took all the queer theory books out of the library?! Oh wait, me.
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: City and the Pillar, Gore Vidal / Dialectic of Sex, Shulamith Firestone
Short bio: Josh is a rising sophomore in QABOT HAUS. He spends his time on campus conjugating Latin verbs, calling out homonormativity, and yelling at people on the Charles. His skills include finding good falafel in unlikely places, navigating public transport, and-to questionable success-resisting the pull of career academia. The way to his heart is through witty banter and quality literary puns; he moonlights on Twitter as @JoyceCarolGoats.

Joshua Hernandez Joshua Hernandez

Nickname: Josh, Reina, Reina Azteca, Whore Chata (it really depends on whether or not the sun is out, and the shoes that I'm wearing)
Hometown: Huntington Park, California (Los Angeles)
Concentration: History and Literature
House: Cafe Gato Rojo (and occasionally Leverett House)
Activities: Fuerza Latina, Queer Students and Allies, Cafe Gato Rojo, Harvard Undergraduate Minority Recruitment Program, Harvard Capoeira--Mandingueiros dos Palmares, being ridiculously loud and inappropriate with my block mates
Interests: Capoeira, creative non-fiction writing, good coffee/espresso, Queer Latinidad, reppin Los Angeles whenever possible, gender identity/performance, street art (i.e. NOT Obey), and Nicki Minaj. *flips hair* (Also, I like to pretend that I have long, luxurious hair--a la Azealia Banks-- that I can flip to my heart's content #notracks #longhairdontcare #hashtag). Also, inappropriately using hashtags
Hottest cause: The representation/support of marginalized students in higher education.
Summer Plans: Finishing up my semester abroad in Rio de Janeiro, doing some thesis research in Sao Paulo, getting lost in Buenos Aires, and reconnecting with family and friends in LA.
Favorite metro Boston location: Boston MGH
Your life in a gchat status: Oseaaaa, pero que naca.
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Loving in the War Years
Short bio: Joshua is a rising Senior (OMYGODHOWDIDTHISHAPPENNNN) from Los Angeles. He is young, creative, angry, and oh so fly. He is a queer man of color that is striving to build bridges between the queer and Latino communities on Harvard's campus. Joshua performs various identities, much like Nicki Minaj does. He hopes to someday be a badass professor/activist by day and creative writer/columnist by night. If that doesn't work out, Joshua plans on fathering Ricky Martin's two white, adopted babies--they will have brown hearts. He loves long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, and late night dancing. He does not like the cold. El Fup 4 Life!

Kate Sim Kate Jea-Sun Sim

Nickname: katejsim or K$
Hometown: Walnut, CA
Concentration: Studies of Women, Gender & Sexuality (WGS) and Social Studies
House: Quincy
Activities: Our Harvard Can Do Better (anti-rape culture campaign), Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM), International Women's Rights Collective (IWRC)
Interests: feminism; anti-rape culture activism, esp. thinking about trauma and support; following Rihanna and Ke$ha and Meily Cyrus on instagram; films about teen angst even though she's not a teen anymore; tv shows; blogs about makeup and dresses; telling ppl she's from the orient when they ask her where she's "really" from; having a lot of feelz about immigration/Korean American identity; chugging coffee till there's more coffee than blood in the system
Hottest cause: get angry and fight rape culture
Summer Plans: domestic violence and homicide research at Jane Doe Inc.; thesis research on sex positivity and anti-rape culture activism; organizing with domestic workers for the MA Bill of Rights
Favorite metro Boston location: whichever stop that brings me closer to McDonalds
Your life in a gchat status: OMFG MILEY'S NEW SINGLE IS THE GR8EST
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: not a novel but, The Promise of Happiness by Sara Ahmed
Short bio: K$ is a rising senior in Quincy House. She was born and raised in South Korea until moving to the U.S. about nine years ago with her parents and two younger siblings. Kate loooooves Rihanna/Ke$ha/Miley Cyrus/early Avril Lavigne and is also a huge fan of films and tv shows (tell me yours and I'll tell you mine). At Harvard, she's concentrating in WGS and Social Studies, with a focus on affect, bodies, violence, and activism. She's involved with anti-rape culture stuff, so if you have any questions about resources, spaces, activism, trauma, support, etc. re: gender activism, come talk to her. She was FUPie as a first-year and is really excited to return this summer.

Katrina Wong Katrina Wong

Nickname: kit, kitkat, gateway
Hometown: Olongapo City Born, San Diego Raised
Concentration: Sociology and Ethnic Studies
House: Leverett
Activities: Harvard College Social Innovation Collaborative, Asian American Association, Harvard Pamilya, Barista at Cafe Gato Rojo
Interests: fuuud, sharing life stories and conversations over coffee, most things 90s, selfiez, Crime and mystery shows, story-telling in any shape or creative art form, Joshua HernAndez, coffee and tea drinks, fuuuuuud
Hottest cause: Cross sector partnerships and exploring tech and innovation to serve the under resourced
Summer Plans: New Sector (social sector consulting fellowship) in the Bay Area! My project serves a non-profit that assists unhoused individuals transition into permanent housing and employment by negotiating public and private contracts. Also hauling a$$ for the Social Innovation Collaborative Summit in the fall.
Favorite metro Boston location: Central Square!
Your life in a gchat status: I'm dorky but its usually the latest news article or blog opinion that's caught my attention..
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Lolita, The Bluest Eye, Tropic of Orange
Short bio: Katrina is the product of a long, rich history of Philippine diaspora, torn up Harry Potter books, airforce ones for every day of the week, and just about every first generation kid typicality you can think of. She was not a FUPpie in her prefrosh days (she was off making dat moneyz in dorm crew), but she's excited to finally be able to become a FUP leader! She hails from San Diego, CA by way of the Philippines so obviously she's not made for the New England cold. Katrina can usually be found at the Cafe Gato Rojo servin' up honey soy chai latte realness or racking up frequent rider miles aboard the struggle bus. She's really looking forward to getting to know and watching the next generation of Harvard's service leaders grow this summer through FUP.

Leslie Montes Leslie Montes

Nickname: Dude, LMo, Lil Puppet, Narcoprincesa
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Concentration: Sociology & Ethnic Studies
House: Quincy Haus
Activities: PBHA Officers, Keylatch Afterschool Program, Ballet Folklorico de AztlAn, Harvard-Radcliffe RAZA, Fuerza Latina, Latinas Unidas, GLOW
Interests: Xicana feminism, misandry, mesoamerica, hugging, queering things, twerk teams, the art of Spanglish, immigration, cheap coffee, performance studies, thick eyeliner, good eyebrows, history, literature, science fiction, comic books, spontaneous Disney sing-alongs, musical theatre, obscure pop culture references, Mexican food, ratchetness, & judging Quinceanera surprise dances on youtube
Hottest cause: Immigration, education, clocking the T on the idea of a post-racial & post-feminist society
Summer Plans: Exploring/Interning in NYC & lingering 'round Broadway
Favorite metro Boston location: Stony Brook & Maverick (LATIN@ FOOD CENTRAL)
Your life in a gchat status: It ain't no fun if the homies can't have none
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: This Bridge Called My Back, Massacre of the Dreamers, Les Miserables
Short bio: Leslie J. Montes was born in Culiacan MX, but grew up in the southern part of Los Angeles, so you can always count on her to remind you of what she did not leave the South Side for. She is a part of the 1.5 generation of immigrants, so she is neither here nor there. Literally tho. "It ain't no fun if the homies can't have none" pretty much describes her views on equality and social justice. She finds the wild lands of the internet fascinating, particularly the social phenomenon that is tumblr, and if you bring up a particularly geeky TV Show/book series/movie, chances are she is probably a huge fan and will try to start freaking out about it with you on the spot. In her spare time she enjoys Netflix marathons, Popeye's Chicken, deciphering messages from friends who tYp3 LyK Dii$, watching voguing videos, ranting about immigration & queer women of color struggz, crying when fictional characters die, & hugging. As a rising senior (wait WAT), Leslie is supah dupah excited for her 4th FUP & will make sure y'all fuppies can tell when we take over Mass. Ave to roll out the Welcome Wagon!

Lily Ostrer Lily Ostrer

Nickname: Lilz
Hometown: NYC!
Concentration: Social Studies
House: Kirkland
Activities: Global Health and AIDS Coalition, Peer Health Exchange, Harvard Square Homeless Shelter, Safra Center for Ethics fellow, Conversations with Kirkland, trying to be useful
Interests: reading about the state of the world, debating things (especially in public locations), running, shouting, thinking, activism, documentaries, health equity, human equity, urban adventures, public transportation, biking, cooking+eating, meeting strangers, spontaneity
Hottest cause: health equity, human equity
Summer Plans: Interning in Cambridge, MA and Olympia, WA on a partnership between Harvard's Center on the Developing Child and Washington State government focusing on early childhood policy + thesis
Favorite metro Boston location: anywhere my running shoes can take me
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: To Kill a Mockingbird, All the King's Men, Random Family (not a novel)
Short bio: Lily is a rising senior from the small town of New York City, where she likes to explore uncharted territory, mostly by foot or bike. She likes to maintain perpetual motion, learn about other people and places, and hopes one day to do something useful for other people. She cannot read her twin sister's mind. While she spent the week before her freshman year cleaning bathrooms, she is super psyched to be returning for a second summer to FUP. She's always been told she talks too much and hopes one day that talking will do some good for the world.

Lindsey Claus Lindsey Claus

Nickname: El Claus
Hometown: Mansfield, Massachusetts
Concentration: Mathematics!
House: Cabot #QUADLYFE
Activities: SLAM (Student Labor Action Movement), QSA (Queer Students and Allies), procrastinating on the internet, eating oranges, RI@H (Responsible Investment @ Harvard Coalition), reading things, distrusting neoliberalism, doing science and also critiquing it, finding pictures of adorable animals online, having marathon conversations about activism, feminism, capitalism, internet memes, and everything in between
Interests: SLAMming, FUPping, tumbling, trying to cook and failing terribly, finding weird short lesbian films, continuing to explore what authentic solidarity looks like & how to effectively organize to create change, MEETING FIRST-YEARS (so excited to fup with you all in August!!<3)
Hottest cause: Standing in solidarity with workers engaged in struggles in the Boston area
Summer Plans: FUP STEERCOM!! And also biophysics research on the neurons of drosophila larva & L1 C. elegans (baby flies & worms!!) and course assistant-ing a 3-week extension school math department course.
Favorite metro Boston location: ALL OF THE PLACES.
Your life in a gchat status: WHY AM I SO NOCTURNAL
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: ummmmm I don't know, something by ursula k. le guin probably.

Lynne Peskoe Lynne Peskoe

Nickname: Lynnie poops, Lynnjamin, Lyyyyyyyyyynne (in a whiny voice)
Hometown: Briarcliff, NY
Concentration: Linguistics
House: Dudley Co-op, House of Po-op
Activities: counseling with Contact, collecting hats from her bit parts on On Harvard Time, tutoring in Mission Hill, working at the Davis Center for Eurasian Studies, playing in dirt
Interests:dog feelings, fitted jackets, the mystery of dermal piercings, ethical comedy, perfection in vegan chili, the linguistic implications of hashtags
Hottest cause: educational equality
Summer Plans: taking summer courses at University of Oslo, pretending to like black metal bands for the express purpose of making friends
Favorite metro Boston location: the ICA
Your life in a gchat status: swiggity swag, check out my blag
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Middlesex
Short bio: Lynne is a full-time human being from the woodsier 'burbs of New York City. As a child, she took great pride in the evolution of her artistic skill (as evinced by the increasingly complicated nostrils she drew) and was something of a neighborhood Red Rover prodigy. At Harvard, Lynne continues to strive for excellence by making lists of words with some vague and irrelevant etymological characteristic in common, convincingly imitating her friends' confidence on dance floors, and wasting vast amounts of emotional energy worrying about whether her professors think she's cool. Lynne also enjoys pop science, blackberries, most queer things, the worst sitcoms, and long, trivia-studded walks on the Charles.


Hometown: St. Louis, MO (also Babruysk, Belarus)
Concentration: Officially Slavic Languages and Literatures , but really eeeverything.
House: Eliot (DOMUS!!!!!!)
Activities: The Crimson, Sustainable Food Project, Vegetarian Society, Harvard Political Review (sometimes), Russian Speakers Association, progressive things, Jewish things.
Interests: Feminism, veganism, languages, cooking, baking, learning, writing, music, the world and finding my place in it. Thinking and evolving. Bollywood movies, Spanish music, Russian music, Hindi music, tellin it like it is, sleeping.
Hottest cause: Feminism, sexual violence, animal rights, the environment, corporate abuse.
Summer Plans: Writing for a newspaper in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh. Thesis research. Looking forward to FUP and NOT looking forward to having one year of college left!!!
Favorite metro Boston location: hmmm. Central Square, Brookline, and Allston.
Your life in a gchat status: C:
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: What a question. I will tentatively say Notes from Underground. Also Their Eyes Were Watching God, my favorite book of all time, which many of you probably read in high school. If you didn't like it, read it again! Also, all of John McWhorter's linguistics books, which aren't novels, but still.
Short bio: I'm Marina, a rising senior (what????) and an unbelievably excited returning FUP leader. My weeks as a fuppie in 2010 and a FUP leader last year were almost certainly my most wonderful experiences at Harvard so far. I'm a feminist, a passionate vegan, a lover of languages and cultures and human diversity, a writer, an editor, an avid cook, and a ravenous learner. I'm also a lot of contradictory things at once. I'm both a budding activist and a reluctant one because activism is hard and frustrating and reductive. I've grown so much emotionally, mentally, and intellectually over the last three years, and I can't wait to share it with this year's fuppies. The Harvard Crimson is my life, and I'd be thrilled to discuss it with any of you, especially if you're interested in opinion writing. I've also been in a relationship with Regina Spektor for seven years (actually, it's more like a love triangle between myself, Regina Spektor, and Fiona Apple). I love getting to know people, and I'm so eager to meet you all!!

Neimy Escobar Neimy Escobar

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Concentration: Applied Mathematics
House: Quincy!!!
Activities: PROJECT SWIM (teaching students with disabilities how to swim), QSA (Queer Students and Allies Social Chair, Woot! Woot!), Learning Technology Center (I work here when I have free time), SIC! (Social Innovation Collaborative, yeah it's exactly what it sounds like-- SIC!), Undergraduates Admission Council, dancing!, meeting new people
Interests: The Little Mermaid, chicken waaaangz, Lil Wayne, math, buttons, extensions, sneezing (you'll see what I mean soon enough), mindless movies, Tumblr, Netflix, cheesecake, living lyf3
Hottest cause: FUPPING!
Summer Plans: I'll be working with UNITE HERE! Organizing Beyond Barriers in Boston and living in Davis Square!
Your life in a gchat status: :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: The Kite Runner
Short bio: Neimy is RIDICULOUSLY excited for FUP 2012!!!! Neimy's motto in life is "You're not fully dressed until you put a smile on :D!" At only 60 inches, Neimy is passionate about equal rights, queer issues, and defying stereotypes.

Noah Greenwald Noah Greenwald

Hometown: L.A.
Concentration: Biophysics
House: Winthrop
Activities: PAF (Peer Advising Fellow, helping out freshman adjust to life at Harvard), on the board for Habitat for Humanity helping to organize our yearly domestic and international trips as well as weekend trips in the Boston area. Currently dance both Standard and Latin on the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team. I'm also involved with National Campaign, a voter registration program through the IOP, as well as the Economic Inequality Policy Group.
Interests: I like listening to music, especially rap and hip/hop. I love being outside, either playing soccer, going on a run, frisbee, or anything active. I play the piano, and I also love to eat food!
Hottest cause: Economic inequality,
Summer Plans: I'll be interning with the Chilean Ministry of Energy
Favorite metro Boston location: The T
Your life in a gchat status: Has anyone done number 5 on the pset?
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Dresdon Files
Short bio: Noah is a rising junior in Winthrop who absolutely loved FUP last year, and can't wait to come back and lead a whole new batch of fuppies! Born and raised in LA, Noah was constantly forced to fend off hordes of celebrities knocking on his door to hang out and take pictures with him. As a Californian, Noah tolerates his east coast friends, but knows that the west is where it's at. Currently Noah is concentrating in Biophysics, but that doesn't stop him for taking all manner of other random, unrelated classes. In the coming year, Noah is hoping to become more involved in the IOP, a great resource on campus for anyone interested in anything political.

Reed McConnell Reed McConnell

Hometown: Boston, MA
Concentration: Social Anthropology (with a probable German Lang & Lit joint)
House: Quincy House People's House!
Activities: MANIFESTA MAGAZINE!!! aka the only feminist publication on campus aka the coolest kids you will ever meet who want all of you to write for us always. Talk to me if you're interested in feminist journalism, or just journalism in general! I also sing in the Collegium Musicum (one of the two mixed choirs on campus), and write/edit/opine for the Crimson Editorial Board. I can also sometimes be found doing feminist organizing with the International Women's Rights Collective.
Interests: feminism!, socialism!, journalism!, singing everything there is to sing, playing piano, songwriting, listening to folk music, writing, philosophizing, reading German poetry, teaching myself obscure languages and reading about etymology for fun, painting, design, darkroom photo, thrift shopping, eating avocados, baring my teeth at authority and not exercising ever
Hottest cause: I do a lot of feminist work, but there is no hierarchy of oppression, so...
Summer Plans: Interning at Jacobin Magazine in Brooklyn, NY. Also volunteering doing grant-writing at The Silent Barn, an artist collective in Bushwick
Favorite metro Boston location: JP Centre or Copley (ahh I love my whole city though)
Your life in a gchat status: um
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Living My Life by Emma Goldman (not technically a novel but OH MY GOD what a fascinating life story) or Orlando by Virginia Woolf
Short bio: Reed McConnell is not a plant, verb, or young man, contrary to the opinion of most people who encounter her name before they encounter her. She was born in Boston, MA to a couple of leftist college professors, and her childhood was a dreamy decade of reading far too much in an apartment piled high with books. High school was a terrible thing, but it was something that had to happen, according to people who are known to know about these things. And it was only at the Boston Latin School that she began to study German and Latin, which she found to be pretty awesome. At Harvard she became a bit of a rabble-rouser, and began to attend lots and lots of rallies and do feminist organizing. At one point she even spent some time hanging out in tents, which was an interesting experience. She loves writing, but when she first arrived on campus she was frustrated to find that there was no outlet for specifically feminist journalism. Luckily, her first-year roommate shared that frustration, so they put their heads together and Manifesta Magazine was born! Since then, Manifesta has taken up most of her energy, but she thinks it's worth it. She hopes that one day someone will actually decide to pay her to write things, so that she can move into a little apartment in the Kreuzberg section of Berlin and spend her days alternately eating organic strawberries and raging against the machine for a leftist magazine.

Saheela Ibraheem Saheela Ibraheem

Hometown: Piscataway, NJ
Concentration: Neurobiology
House: Quincy
Activities: Science Club for Girls, Harvard Islamic Society, MIT MSA Mentorship Program, Harvard Shotokan Karate, Harvard Speech & Parliamentary Debate Society, tutoring for the Bureau of Study Counsel, TFing for CS 50 (take it!), and Intramural Sports (Q-HAUS!)
Interests: Mentoring/tutoring, reading, travelling, sports, music, movies, languages (Arabic, Spanish, whatever), research, computer science, math, logic, and puzzles
Hottest cause: Education
Summer Plans: Teaching English and helping to develop the International Program at Showa Women's University in Tokyo, Japan
Favorite metro Boston location: The Charles
Your life in a gchat status: ...Is Average
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
Short bio: Saheela Ibraheem is a rising junior in Quincy House (the People's House aka the Best House). She was born in State College, Pennsylvania but raised in Piscataway, New Jersey. She is a first (or second?) generation Nigerian-American who loves rocking out to alternative/indie music and wearing hoodies. She watches The Colbert Report, Suits, Castle, White Collar, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time, and Game of Thrones. Though she herself did FOP, she is pumped to be a FUP leader this summer!

Sam Arnold Sam Arnold

Nickname: S(m)arnold
Hometown: Swarthmore, PA
Concentration: Social Studs
House: CO-OP
Activities: Community Garden, KeyChange, Roxbury Youth Initiative, Environmental Action Committee
Interests: PHILLY, bagels, exploring Boston on my bike, biking, eating Boston, sustainable and urban agriculture, regional and American identity, globalization and the global justice movement, the East Coast.
Hottest cause: Destroying Neoliberalism and transitioning to a new "economy"
Summer Plans: Working in the Philadelphia mayor's office of Policy Planning and Coordination, researching on education, anti-poverty, public safety, and education.
Favorite metro Boston location: IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION. Mass Ave Bridge, Maverick Square (Eastie), Revere Beach
Your life in a gchat status: Fuck Everything.
Short bio: Sam grew up next to Swarthmore College and went to your typical suburban public school. He struggles with being an environmentalist and a huge meat-eater, but hopes that moving to the co-op will help him curb down his protein consumption. He likes trees and forestry, getting dirty, the concept of sustainability, cheesesteaks, hoagies, Wawa, and being all over the place. Most of the time you can find him working in the garden working (on his tan), and otherwise he is in Petsi Pies or on his bike. After college he would like to fulfill his American Dream and open up a bagel shop in Boston or Philadelphia.

Sam Greenberg Sam Greenberg

Nickname: Sammy G, S-Killa, Erin Drake
Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Concentration: History and Literature
House: Lowell
Activities: Harvard Square Homeless Shelter, Phillips Brooks House Association, Mission Mentor, BALLIN
Interests: BALLIN, Rick Ross, Bluegrass violin, running on the charles, Heart Attack by Demi Lovato, Erin Drake
Hottest cause: Housing/Homelessness, Urban Inequalities
Summer Plans: The Summer Urban Program, 12 camps for low income youth in Cambridge and Boston
Favorite metro Boston location: Central Square, The Fens, The Charles, CRLS
Your life in a gchat status: Too Much Swag
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: Cane by Jean Toomer
Short bio: Born and bred in Crimebridge Massachusetts, Sam is unnecessarily rap inclined in most aspects of his life. When asked why, he usually quotes The Game, Kanye West, or Rick Ross. Despite his hip hop inclinations, he also has something of an obsession with bluegrass music, go figure. He loves Cambridge and Boston more than is really healthy, so if you ever want to regret you asked a question, or hear enough unabashed love for the two cities poured out to make you sick, ask him about Cambridge or Boston. Now I will close with a line from my favorite scholar Snoop Dogg, which will accurately describe this coming FUP - it's gonna be nothing but a gangsta partyyyyy.

Sandra Korn Sandra Korn

Nickname: Sandra Y. L. Korn
Hometown: central Jersey!
Concentration: History of Science + Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
House: Eliot House but I am living in a beautiful apartment in Inman square with THREE CATS come visit please
Activities: Student Labor Action Movement, the Crimson editorial board, klezmer music, BAGELS (Jewish queers!), repping solidarity with Palestine in Harvard Hillel
Interests: socialism, the labor movement, dark coffee, being angry about gender, responsible investment at Harvard, Spare Change News, occupying things
Hottest cause: students and workers organizing together against the corporatization of higher education.
Summer Plans: in Cambridge, UK doing research for my thesis on how biologists have tried over and over again to explain gender difference by invoking 'science'
Favorite metro Boston location: the escalators that lead down to the Porter Square T stop
Your life in a gchat status: dissent is the highest form of patriotism
Short bio: Sandra is a rising senior who is thoroughly excited to come back for her fourth FUP. She loves exploring the city of Boston, explaining her awesome interdisciplinary concentration, giving tours of Harvard, having long conversations in the middle of Harvard Yard at night, and repping the great state of NEW JERSEYYYY and is more than excited to do ALL of those things during FUP 2013. Contrary to popular misconception, her middle initials do not stand for "young libertarian."

William Whitham William Whitham

Hometown: Bangor, ME
Concentration: Social Studies (major), Linguistics (minor)
House: Dudley
Activities: Nerd-ing out, talking with people, troublemaking, reveling, doubting everything.
Interests: History of political and economic thought, philosophy of social science, praxis, language, psychology. Folk jams, caffeine, pasta, the cold, plaid.
Hottest cause: Human beings
Novel that you'd recommend to the world: The Grapes of Wrath
Short bio: William (b. 1991?) is a rising senior. Insoluble historiographical controversy surrounds the events of his early life.

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