2011 Reading Packet

It's finally here, the reading packet you've been waiting for!

Oops! there is a typo in the table of contents. "Your Revolution" on page 109 is by Sarah Jones not Sarah Hones thank you Bridget Duffy (HCWC) for your technological savvy and patience!

2011 Viewing Packet

We know how easy it is to spend hours watching video clips and figured the least we could do would be provide you with some socially just viewing. Some of these make us laugh, some make us cry, and all of them make us go “hmmm...” Yes, you DO have to watch/read the required viewing packet! Don't worry, you'll enjoy it.


"Dive” and “I do” by Andrea Gibson. Andrea Gibson is unbelievably talented.

Harvard’s Green Report Card. How green is our university actually? Check out some of the links and compare to other schools.

The Name Poem by Lucerito Ortiz (FUP leader, ‘10) and Jose Olivares ‘10

Occupation: a documentary about the Harvard Living Wage campaign, one recent bit of student activism at Harvard.

“Run the world (LIES)” by NineteenPercent. Do girls really run the world? FUP loves Beyonce, but we also love NineteenPercent. Contradictory? We don’t think so!

OPTIONAL (but highly recommended):

“Beautiful Dirty Rich” by Lady Gaga (yes. you read correctly). Thoughts on consumerism and class? We think so.

“The Human Cost of Layoffs” by the Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM) and the Harvard Democrats. One Harvard worker’s story.

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by Gil Scott-Heron (1949-2011). the poem that inspired Sarah Jones’ “Your Revolution” (in the reading packet!!!).

The Story of Stuff. A fun, interesting, animated look at our consumerist lifestyle.

We Shall Overcome in Madison, WI. In need of some solidarity? Watch over 10,000 young people sing Pete Seeger in the Wisconsin State House. Who owns the media?