2012 Reading Packet

It's finally here, the reading packet you've been waiting for!

2012 Viewing Packet

Though the reading packet just about covers it, we didn't want to limit the topics of the FUP to just one medium. So for your viewing pleasure, contemplation, and analysis...we give you the 2012 viewing packet. Some of these make us laugh, some make us cry, and all of them make us go, "hmmm..." Please watch/look at/read the entire viewing packet and while all of the pieces are valuable, some are more triggering than others so please keep that in mind while viewing. ENJOY THE MAGIC OF VIDEO!


Harvard's Green Report Card. How green is our university actually? Check out some of the links and compare to other schools.

The Name Poem by Lucerito Ortiz (FUP leader, '10) and Jose Olivares '10

Occupation: a documentary about the Harvard Living Wage campaign, one recent bit of student activism at Harvard.

"Run the world (LIES)" by NineteenPercent. Do girls really run the world? FUP loves Beyonce, but we also love NineteenPercent. Contradictory? We don't think so!

In Labor and In Chains. A video examining the practice of shackling imprisoned women while giving birth.

Gentrification of Roxbury. A short documentary video about the gentrification of Roxbury, Boston. (skip to 40 seconds!)

What is the Social Model of Disability? This short video explains the social model of disability and explores the root causes of discrimination against individuals with different ability statuses and their experiences.

"Jesse Owens" By Will Langford. One man's poem for Trayvon Martin

Immigration Detention Photo Essay. A photo essay focused on immigration detention in Arizona.

Andrea Gibson Blue Blanket by Andrea Gibson. An incredible poem by an incredible person. *Triggering*

National Anthem by Lana Del Rey. Great song, thought-provoking video.

Trickle Up Social Justice by Dean Spade. An excerpt from the lecture "Transpolitics on a Neoliberal Landscape," given in 2009 at Barnard College.

RSA Animate-First as Tragedy, Then as Farce. Philosopher Slavoj Zizek investigates the ethical implications of charitable giving. (It's animated get excited!!)

OPTIONAL (but highly recommended):

"The Human Cost of Layoffs" by the Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM) and the Harvard Democrats. One Harvard worker's story.

"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" by Gil Scott-Heron (1949-2011). The poem that inspired Sarah Jones' "Your Revolution" (in the reading packet!!!).

The Story of Stuff. A fun, interesting, animated look at our consumerist lifestyle.