Registration for the spring semester is now open!

All new members must register for HTKD. Returning members who registered for the whole year last fall do not need to reregister.
Fill out the following form to register:

Don’t forget that after submitting the form, you’ll also need to submit a signed waiver form and registration fee ($75 for semester, $130 for year), if paying by cash or check, to a board member. If financial hardship prevents you from joining the club, please email us.

Registration is due next Sunday, Feb. 14 @ 11:59 pm. Late registration will incur a $10 fee. Payment is due Monday, Feb. 22 by the beginning of practice.

MIT tournament results

The results of the MIT tournament are in and HTKD won 1st place team in our division!! Congrats to everyone on the team and particularly our medalists for an awesome first tournament of the year! 


Intro Practice Fall 2015

Welcome back to another exciting semester of taekwondo! And to those of you joining us for the first time, GSAS Taekwondo is happy to have you! Intro practice will be held this Saturday, September 12th from 3-5 in the MAC Mezzanine. Come out to get back into it or check out what HTKD is all about. On the right side of this page (or here) you can find a link to register and the updated practice schedule.

Congratulations to Ioana Zelko, Clara Chen, Noemí Urquiza, Laurie Lai and Seth Villanueva for competing and winning so many matches and poomsae rounds at the Collegiate Nationals this past weekend at the University of Delaware. Great job everyone and a shoutout to Yi-Pin and Master Tang for coaching!


2015 Spring class schedule

Hello everyone, welcome back! Here is the HTKD practice schedule for the new semester.

Mon 8:20-9:55 PM in the [MAC Mezz] – Poomsae Specialized Class – Master Jang
Tues 7:00-8:30 PM in the [QRAC Squash Court 2] – Stance & technique drilling – David+Kayi
Wednesday 8:15-9:45 PM in the [QRAC Squash Court 1] – Sparring & Self-Defense – Master Tang
Thurs 8:00-10:00 PM in the [QRAC Squash Court 1] – Kicking drills & conditioning – Student Instructors

Sat 3:00-5:00 PM in the [MAC Mezz] – Sparring & Self-Defense – Master Tang

ECTC tournament results

This semester HTKD went to all three ECTC tournaments and apart from having a great time, we also won a lot of medals! At the MIT tournament Kayi won fourth place in the poomsae green belt division. At Cornell Clara and Noemi followed up with earning silver and bronze also in the poomsae green belt division. They also paired up and won silver in C team sparring! Jeffrey competed in the men’s poomsae green belt division and made us proud by winning gold. At Brown the women’s sparring C team (Clara, Noemi and Sindy) kept up the great work by winning bronze and in the poomsae competition, Noemi won gold and Laurie competed in the black belt division and earned bronze. Congratulations to all of you but also all the other competitors who came out to spar and enjoy HTKD!