Summer Practices

With the end-of-year banquet and the belt test being over, we are also nearing the end of normal classes. We will however be having practices throughout the summer, starting May 15th, for those who are around. The current plan looks much like last years:

Tuesdays: practice at Harvard (in June see question on the spreadsheet, else 7-8:30 pm)
Thursdays: going to Master Jang’s school
Saturdays: alternating going to Master Tang’s and Master Park’s school depending on people’s interest

The cost to participate in summer training is $15 in general, to be paid by cash or check at one of the first practices. If interested in going to Master Park’s or Master Tang’s dojang, we will charge $5 per trip for gas/rental cars. For going to Master Jang’s dojang, there will probably also be a small fee which is still to be decided.

There will be a belt test at the end of the summer, so if you come out on a regular basis, you might be able to get your next belt before the new year starts!

If you are interested in summer training at Harvard, please sign up on this form:

Hope to see many of you out this summer!