Belt Test Review

Belt Test Requirements

You must know everything below the belt level you are testing for as well.

Click here for Required Knowledge and Terminology pdf

Click here for Hand Techniques pdf

Links here are for PDFs outlining the movements.

Belt Gup Poomse Breaking
Yellow stripe 9 kibon poomse -
Yellow 8 taeguk il-jang axe
Green stripe 7 taeguk ee-jang step side
Green 6 taeguk sam-jang side
Blue stripe 5 taeguk sa-jang back
Blue 4 taeguk oh-jang jump back
Red stripe 3 taeguk yook-jang spin hook
Red 2 taeguk chil-jang fake spin hook
Black stripe 1 taeguk pal-jang 360 jump back

Will also be evaluated on:

Hand Techniques

Required Knowledge and Terminology

Combination kicks


Respect, concentration, patience, etc.