About Us

The Harvard GSAS Taekwondo Club was revived in 2010 to provide graduate students with a group where they can learn and practice the Korean martial art Taekwondo. We practice 4 times a week in the different gyms on campus. Practices can have a very varied character and include warm-up, kicking and punching drills, self-defense, forms, one step sparring. There are practices dedicated to olympic sparring, but attendance is not mandatory.

Besides weekly practices, the club also attends tournaments and organizes various social events. On all of these things we work together with the Undergraduate Taekwondo Club. To help cover the costs that come with running a club (for materials, trips, etc), the club membership fee is $130 for a year ($75 for a semester). For students who cannot cover these costs, we offer to waive the fees (contact harvard.graduatetkd@gmail.com for more info).

If you are further interested in details of our curriculum, or about Taekwondo, please visit the undergraduate club’s webpage or e-mail us at harvard.graduatetkd [at] gmail.com.