Old Board Members

This page includes all old board members since the club’s re-founding in 2010. If you are an old board member from before that, please e-mail us at harvard.graduatetkd@gmail.com, so that we can include you on this page. :)

Sonia Rosner – President (2012-2013), Vice President (2010-2012)
On second peak!
Tim Roth – Vice-President (2012-2013)
Danica Truscott – Secretary (2012-2013)
Alissa Murray – Webmaster (2012-2013)

President Fall 2010-2011 & 2011-2012: Giannina Schaefer
President: Giannina Schaefer
Giannina is a 4th year graduate student in Chemistry and Chemical Biology coming originally from the far place of Germany. She joined Harvard Taekwondo in 2009 and re-founded the Harvard GSAS Taekwondo Club in 2010. She enjoys the change from her lab bench (where she is kicking cancer’s butt) when going to practices and hanging out with the club. Besides Taekwondo she loves snowboarding which is why the HTKD skitrip is one of the highlights of her year.

Secretary/Treasurer Spring 2011/Fall 2012: Christopher Faesi

Chris Faesi is a first year PhD student in Astronomy & Astrophysics at Harvard. He is a black belt in the UFTI taekwondo system, having studied under master Jim Thomas at Indiana University, and is excited to expand his training to include WTF. In addition to studying the physics of how stars form from the diffuse gas in the interstellar medium, Chris enjoys hiking in the mountains, progressive music, and flying sidekicks. He also plays timpani and percussion in the Dudley House Orchestra.

Secretary/Treasurer Fall 2011: Gaston Fiore

Secretary/Treasurer 2010-2011: Sorell Massenburg

Sorell hails from North Carolina, where they love sweet tea, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and N.C. Bar-B-Que. His southern heritage also means that he is never too busy for a chat, wherever or whenever paths cross. His path brought him to Harvard, where he is entering his fifth year in the Applied Physics PhD program. He has been with Harvard Taekwondo since 2007 and when not kicking with us, he enjoys making fun of his wife’s accent while running on the river or rubbing Duke’s National Basketball Championship in her face, playing the guitar, and even doing a little photography.