About us

We are a community of students and scholars who desire to grow in our personal relationships with God, pursue our academic work with humble integrity and  to demonstrate the love of Jesus on our campus.

We are an interdenominational and interdisciplinary group supported by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and affiliated with the Harvard Chaplains as part of the Harvard Graduate School Christian Fellowship (HGSCF), which also includes fellowships at Harvard’s professional schools (HLS, HBS, etc). We receive funding from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Council (GSC).

Our Vision

Christian Scholarship

We seek to “love the Lord with all our minds”, pursuing truth and learning in every area of life because we believe the God whom we worship is the creator of all. As we discover His truth in love, we find Him: His order, His holiness, His mercy, His goodness. We are convinced that bringing our work to our faith and our faith to our work fosters greater integrity and fullness in both and in our lives as a whole. We view our current work as a calling – that we are to find joy in it and to accomplish it in communion with God and in fellowship with one another. In light of this, we encourage one another in that joy, standing together against pressures of anxiety and competition. Since many of us will find our vocation in academia, we hope to equip ourselves for a lifetime of ministry within the context of faithful scholarship.

Spiritual Growth

The cultivation of a vibrant and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, remains fundamental to a life of faith. Regardless of each person’s starting point, we are committed to challenging one another to grow in that relationship through the practice of individual and corporate disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, worship, and fasting. A richer understanding and experience of God’s nature and His immense love for us enables us to abide more fully in Christ, bearing the marks of His character as visible signs of our close walk with Him.

Christian Community

Our faith is greatly encouraged and fully expressed within the context of a diverse community. Christ calls us to Himself from many different backgrounds and nations. From the rich spectrum of personalities, experiences, and talents of graduate students at Harvard, we hope to see God forge a community characterized not only by unity, understanding, and support, but also by accountability, the challenge to grow collectively as followers of Christ, and the desire to love one another “because He first loved us.” Such a community is essential for all our objectives: personal spiritual maturity, bold corporate witness, and the development of Christian scholars. Finally, we encourage one another to become involved with local churches, contributing our part to the development of faithful disciples as members of the larger body of Christ.

Witness and Service

Having experienced God’s goodness, we seek to bear joyful and visible witness to Him by declaring His truth on campus and invite the Harvard community to explore God’s truth with us. We believe that God cares deeply about every person at Harvard. We also believe that God’s truth leads us to a passionate concern for justice, compassion for others, and lives of humility, self-sacrifice, and service. His love compels us to address the physical and emotional needs of those around us. Through our words, actions, and lives, we seek to make commitment to Jesus a visible, viable, and compelling call for everyone.

Fall 2016 Events

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Dudleyfest, Thursday 8/25, 12:30pm-3pm, Dudley House
Find our table at Dudleyfest!

Ice-cream hangout, Thursday 8/25, 7pm, Steps of Dudley House
Come have free ice-cream and meet some people in the community!

BBQ Party!, Saturday 8/27, 12pm-2pm, 240 Garden St
Hang out , play games, have BBQ. You can also meet us at the steps of Dudley House at 11:45am and we'll walk over.

Wednesday meetings start, 8/31, 7-9pm
Location TBD. We'll start with a picnic dinner!

First Friday Worship, 9/2, 8pm
Join us for our Harvardwide worship! First floor, Phillips Brooks House.

Small Groups
Starting in the coming weeks!

Daily Prayer
We meet every morning (Monday to Friday) from 8-8:30 AM in the third floor of the Phillips Brooks House to pray for Harvard. We'd love to have you join!

More events to come!

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