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Current Issue: Fall 2001
Health in Modern Asia

This Issue's Contributors

FEATURE: Health in Modern Asia

A Regional Perspective
The State of Emerging and Reemerging Diseases in Asia
by Mitsuhiro Kamakura

Prosperity versus Pathology
A Social History of Obesity in China
by James L Watson

Nursing Productivity
Investing in Rural Health in Western China
by Zhu Ling

Localizing Central Health
The Lesson of the Philippines
by Thomas J Bossert

A Threat to Asia?
AIDS in Asia and the Pacific
by Praphan Phanuphak

Revamping the Public Burden
Case Stuty: Health Policy Issues in Hong Kong
by CK Law

The Continuing Menace of Rabies
An Avoidable Tragedy in Asia
by Betty Dodet, François-Xavier Muslin, Michel Aubert


Buddhism in Film
Deciphering "The Matrix"
by Martin Lehnert

Peek-A-Boo Pikachu
Exporting an Asian Subculture
by Susan J Napier

REGION: Greater China

Dirt Fast Development
The Tradeoff Between Economic Progress and Air Pollution
by Jeffery Logan

Reflecting on Change
Re-examining Macau's Reversion to China
by Liu Bolong

Opinion Piece: Vying for Friends
China's Expanding Role in Latin America
by Alex M Berenberg

Keeping Hong Kong Clean
Experience of Fighting Corruption Post 1997
by Alan N Lai

REGION: South Asia

An Ethnic Indian Quandary
Northeast Asia—A Case Study of Ethnic Provincialism
by Sharif M Shuja

REGION: Northeast Asia

An Unfinished Experiment
A Program for Korea in the Age of Globalization
by Jong-chan Lee

A Shifting Balance
A Discussion with Three United Nations Ambassadors
Kamalesh Sharma, Sergei Lavrov, Yukio Sato

REGION: Southeast Asia

Other Ways Forward
Freeing Trade in Asia and the Pacific
by Simon SC Tay


Capitalism and Democracy
China: On the Path to . . . ?
by Loren Heinhold


In Memory Emily MacFarquhar
by Ting Wang

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