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Current Issue: Spring 2002
WTO Trade Winds: A Changing China

This Issue's Contributors

FEATURE: China and the WTO

Harvard and Asia
An Interview with Harvard President Lawrence H. Summers

China's WTO Gamble
Some Political and Social Questions
by Tony Saich

Western Perceptions
So China is in the WTO, Do We Know What That Means Yet?
by Daniel Rosen

The Double Edged Sword
The Significance of China's Participation
by Junhua Wu

China and Big Pharma
The Issue of Intellectual Property Rights in China
by Seth Feldman

WTO and the Strait
The Significance, Impact, and Challenge of Taiwan’s WTO Membership
by Jian-Jong Guo

Entrepôt No More?
Why China’s WTO Entry is Not a Zero Sum Game for Hong Kong
by Antony Leung

Shanghai’s History
Back to the Future
by Kerrie L MacPherson

A Story of Globalization
The WTO and an Evolving China
by Kong Qingjiang


Terrorism in Asia
Confronting an Emerging Challenge
by Paul J Smith

Responses to 9/11
Conflict Between Priveleged Classes
by Xiaoxia Gong

The Rotating Axis
Report From North Korea
by Selig S Harrison

REGION: Greater China

Jiang’s Succession
The Road Ahead for China
by Bruce Gilley

Taiwanese Politics
Interview with Ex-Premier Tang Fei

REGION: Northeast Asia

World Cup 2002
Korea and Japan Partnering for the 21st Century
by Yun-Taek Lee

Nationalism and Productivity?
The Myth Behind the Korean Work Ethic
Su Kwak

Democratic Changes in Mongolia
Highlights from His Excellency Nambar Enkhbayar, the Prime Minister of Mongolia’s Visit to Harvard

The More Things Change
Making Sense of Work and Society in Japan
Andrew Gordon

REGION: South Asia

Can India Make It?
India’s Path to Sustained Growth
by Subramanian Swamy

REGION: Oceania

The Burden of Other People’s Models
A Cultural Perspective on the Current Fiji Crisis
by Harris Friedman, Jerry Glover, and Papalii Failautusi Avegalio


An English Genji
Interview with Royall Tyler, Translator of Lady Murasaki Shikibu’s The Tale of Genji, the World’s Oldest Full Novel


The History of Japan, the Future of China?
Review of Second Metropolis


Implications for Asia
By Fred Hu

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