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Current Issue: Summer 2003
Security in Asia

This Issue's Contributors

FEATURE: Security in Asia

China and America in the Changing World
by Zbigniew Brzezinski

Security and the State: The Emergence of China
Analysis of China’s Contemporary Military Power
by Lim Tai Wei

Clear and Present Danger
Chinese Military Buildup Threatens Taiwanese Security
by Janushieh Joseph Wu

Asia-Pacific Security and Cross-Strait Relations
The Taiwanese Perspective
by Philip Yang

The Prospect of Regional Integration in the Pacific
Developing a Framework for Multilateral Security Cooperation
by Ralph A Cossa

Almost Quiet on the Asia-Pacific Front:
An American Assessment of Asia-Pacific Responses to U.S. Security Policies
by Satu P. Limaye

EU Established — Will an AU (Asian Union) Emerge One Day?
by Yao Chao Cheng

Bush Administration Security Policy Toward Asia and the Pacific
Strengths Outweigh Weaknesses
by Robert Sutter

Regionalism in Northeast Asia
The Question of North Korea
by Steven Park

Gambling, Reshuffling, and Nuclear Blackmail
The Issue of Nuclear Weapons in North Korea
by Kong Jie Sheng

State, Society, and Security
The Case of Indonesia
by Ehito Kimura


SUB-FEATURE: Political Impact &
Implications of SARS

SARS — An Imperative to the People’s Republic of China to Re-Examine Its “Social Management”
by Joyce Zhang

China’s Manifest Destiny in Xinjiang
Courting Disaster in the Age of HIV/AIDS and SARS
by Justin Ben-Adam Rudelson

SUB-FEATURE: Current Studies on Asian Business Development

Training Managers in Models of Thinking in China
The Past, Present, and Future
by Hu Junchen

The Moderating Role of Asset Size on Satisfaction and Re-Purchase Intentions:
A Study of the Banking Institutions in Maysia
by Ting Ding Hooi

REGION: North Asia

Evolving Changes in the Chinese Higher Education System
The Past, Present, and Future
by Luo Qiaojia

Tibet and Taiwan
by Tsering Namgyai

The Social Impact of China’s One-Child Policy
by Chen Xuefeng

REGION: South & Southeast Asia

India’s Democratic Resilience
How elections affect the economy
by Shalendra D. Sharma

Fighting Hunger
From Know-How to Do-How
M. S. Swaminathan


Exploring Korea’s Pop-Culture
An Interview with the Reigning Korean Hip-Hop Group, Jinusean
interviewed by Jennie Johnson


Chinese Women Under the Economic Reform
Gains and Losses
by Jing Lin


Sir Gordon Wu’s American Dream
A Story of One Man’s Venture to Advance the Chinese Highway System
By Thomas Campamella

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