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Current Issue: Summer 1998
After the Storm: Reflections on a New Asian Economy

This Issue's Contributors

FEATURE: After the Storm

Going with the Flow
The Political and Economic Fundamentals of Doing Business in China
by Huang Yasheng

Setting the Pace
The Impact of India's Reforms on South Asia
by Roberto Zagha

The Future of the Main-Bank System of Japan
by Kaoruhiko Suzuki

Uncertain Future
Challenges Ahead for Ethnic Chinese Business Networks
by Geoff Hiscock

Globalization and Poverty
Why International Economic Integration Remains Essential
by Martin Wolf

From Mao to Market
Empowering the Chinese Consumer
with Beverly Hooper

Feature: Sustainable Development

Escape from Hunger
Food Security in Asia
by C, Peter Timmer

Asia's Urbanization
Can it be Sustained?
by Om Prakash Mathur

Environmental Repercussions
The Changing Culture of Asian Cities: Kyoto and Yogyakarta
by Hidehiko Sazanami

Ecological Deficits
China's Environmental Problems and their International Impact
by Hu Angang


The Prospects for Democratization in China
Breakthroughs in Economic Policy Require Breakthroughs in Political Reform
by Su Shaozhi

Meeting Challenges
China's Policy for APEC
by Zhang Junling

REGION: Northeast Asia

Can Tigers Sprout Wings
Metamorphosis of the Korean Banking System
by Kenneth E. Arndt

Asia's Destiny, Japan's Destiny
Overcoming the Chinese Threat
by Shintaro Ishihara

REGION: Southeast Asia

Indonesia's Deepening Crisis
Political, Not Economic Problems
by Ian Chalmers

Floating the Baht
Politics and the Economics Crisis
by James P. Thomas

A Conversation
Interview with Pete Peterson

REGION: South Asia

Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh
An NGO Experience
by Faruq Ahmed Choudhury


After the Crisis
Is the Miracle Over?
by Steven Radelet

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