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Current Issue: Summer 1999
The City

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A Tale of Two Spaces
A defining moment for China's Urban Regions
by Peter Rowe

Purifying our Seoul
A Campaign Against Urban Corruption
by Kun Goh

Outside the Classroom
Social Change and Adolescent Drug Use in Japan
by Merry I. White

Suffocating Cities
The Costs of Urbanisation
by Arthur Holcombe

Building a New Shanghai
Past and Future of Shanghai's Housing Projects
by Han Zheng

Tap Gaew Slum
Once upon a time in Bangkok
by Joseph H. Maier

Tooting our Horn
Hong Kong as an Engine of Development
by Donald Tsang

A Plan Too Far
Chandigarh, A Lost Utopia
by Ritu Bhatt

SUBFEATURE: Triangular Relations

The View from Down Under
A Regional Ally's Perspective on the US-China-Japan Relationship
by Gareth Evans

Warming Up
Anticipating Growth in Sino-Japanese Relations
by Sharif M. Shuja

REGION: Greater China

Jealously Guarded Power
Building Constitutional Democracy in China
By Jian-Li Yang

In the Company of Heroes
Taiwanese Animation
by Phoenix Ming


Breaking the Boys' Club
Reforming the Japanese Press
By Ellis S. Krauss

Japanese Extinction?
Gender Equality May Fix The Baby Bust
by Sumiko Iwao

REGION: North and South Korea

The Promised Land
Reopening Borders with the Kumkangsan Tours
By Park Syung Je

An Exercise in Ambivalence
Negotiating with North Korea
by Omawale Omawale


An Informal Rebellion
The Rise of New Workers' Unions
By Biswapraya Sanyal

REGION: Southeast Asia

Re-inventing ASEAN
From Constructive Engagement to Flexible Intervention
By Carlyle A. Thayer

A Tougher Breed
Rice Cultivation and Research in Southeast Asia
by Ronald O. Cantrell and Robert D. Huggan

The World from Asia
An Economic Review of Early 1999
By Robin How

Taipei 2000
by Ma Ying-Jeou


The Second Liberation of Shanghai
by Elizabeth Perry

This Issue's Contributors
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