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Current Issue: Winter 2001
On the Road to Development

This Issue's Contributors

FEATURE: Development

For the People
India’s New Population Policy
by Arvind V. Zodgekar

Sunny Cities
Urbanization in the South Pacific
by Utkatu Naiker

An Illicit Army
Illegal Foreign Labor in the Malaysian Construction Industry
by Halim Salleh, Abdul Rashid Abdul Aziz

A Woman’s Education
A Problematic Inequality in India
by D. Radha Devi

Empowering China
The Challenge of Responsible Energy
by Doris Shen

A Mushrooming Population
The Threat of Slumization Instead of Urbanization in Bangladesh
by Abul Barkat, Shahida Akhter

FEATURE: Globalization

Our Global Village
Prospects for Globalization and National Borders
by Qingguo Jia

The Coming Hurricane
Terrorism on the Pacific Rim
by Joshua Kurlantzick

Out of Asia and Beyond
Developing the Asian Multinational Enterprise
An Interview with Wang Lu-yen

REGION: Oceania

Excluded from the Club
Why Australia is not yet a Part of East Asia
by Kim Beng Phar

REGION: Southeast Asia

A Cambodian Renaissance
Prospects for Rebuilding a Nation-State
by Chea Vannath

The Future of ASEAN
An Assessment of Democracy, Economies and Institutions in Southeast Asia
by Simon Tay

Trying Times
An Interview with Mrs. Wan Azizah
by Bernard Krisher

Sharpening the Cutting Edge
Meeting Taiwan’s New High-Tech Challenges
by Su Tzen-Ping

REGION: South Asia

Wary Neighbors
The Danger of Conflict and the Prospect of Cooperation in South Asia
by Rahul Mukherji

REGION: Northeast Asia

A Women’s Caring
The Status of Female Doctors in Japan
by Kyoko Imamura

Cultural Galapagos
Japan’s Vibrant Dramatic Arts
by Tamotsu Watanabe


Malaysia Old and New
A Visitor’s Perspective
by Cheryl Chan

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