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Current Issue: Winter 1997
Unpuzzling the New Hong Kong

This Issue's Contributors

FEATURE: Hong Kong

Looking Beyond
Placing area studies front and center in policy, academia, and beyond
by William P. Alford

Goodbye to All That
What 1997 leaves behind
by Peter Lo

Hong Kong's Prospects
Will Hong Kong, less the Union Jack, continue to prosper?
by Christopher Patten

Whither Democracy?
Beijing promises a smooth change-over; Rule of law may be the only way
by Martin Lee

Misgivings over 1997 ignore confidence in China and robust Mainland leadership
by Allen Lee

Evening Chat in Hong Kong
with Lo Tak Shing

Political Reform
A guide to Hong Kong's political changes
by Chun-Ying Leung

Paradox and Symbiosis
Hong Kong's evolving China construction
by Richard Margolis

Business as Usual
Interview with Ronnie Chan

Complementary Development
The economic integration of Hong Kong and China has already occured
by James Tien

One Country, Two Hong Kongs
Is the Hong Kong-Shanghai "rivalry" a zero-sum game?
by Yao Xi-Tang

Issues and Non-Issues
The bottom-line on Hong Kong's economy after 1997
by Edward Chen

Staying on Top
A look at Hong Kong's financial markets
by Anthony Neoh

Tales from "The Floating City"
"It requires courage to lead a life without roots"
by Leo Ou-Fan Lee

Confronting the challenges Hong Kong will face
by Christine Loh


Backlast Against the Reforms
A new, perhaps disturbing, nationalism may be emerging
by Matei Mihalca


Stepping Out
Japan can help shape the emerging Asia Pacific: Is it ready?
by Akira Iriye

Japan's International Role
Interview with Hisashi Owada


The Megafirms
Faced with a changing society, the Korean business conglomerate must change to survive
by James West

"Northern Exposure"
A greater understanding of its interests may help the world deal better with North Korea
by Byung Chul Koh

REGION: South Asia

Automatic Democracy?
Pessimists about Indian politics should take heart as its self-correcting mechanisms
by Ashutosh Varshney

Gradualism in Economic Reform
India's economic reforms have confronted the politics of democracy directly
by Prem Shankar Jha

REGION: Southeast Asia

Art in Singapore
Can the government foster an artistic society?
by Uma Rajan


Where to go from here?
by Roderick MacFarquhar

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