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Current Issue: Winter 1998
Uneasy Neighbors: Assessing Multilateral Relations

This Issue's Contributors

FEATURE: Multilateral Relations

Competing Capitalisms
Three rival economic systems in APEC
by Mark Beeson

Engaging Myths
Misconceptions about China and its global role
by Alastair Iain Johnston

Unstable Outlooks
China's new quest for identity
by Lowell Dittmer

Strategic Uncertainty
Can ASEAN adapt to the post-Cold War world?
by Derek Da Cunha

ASEAN: Can Successes be Sustained?
The next thirty years
by John Funston

After Trade
Is Japan ready for a "Japanese" security policy?
with Anthony DiFilippo

SPECIAL: New Asia?

The New Asia
Reality or Myth
by Tommy Koh

The Story of Christians and Gold
Assessing the legacy of colonialism in Asia
by Wang Gungwu

The Rule of Law
Authoritarian governance in East Asia
by Kanishka Jayasuriya

SPECIAL: The Press

Markets and Media
Economic development and press control in Asia
by Garry Rodan

Pressing Challenges
The threats facing Indonesia's print media
by David T. Hill

The Correspondent
The fate of Hong Kong's foreign press
by Keith B. Richburg

REGION: North Asia

Mr. Jiang Goes to Harvard
An address at Harvard University
by Jiang Zemin

A Delicate Balance
The future of China-Taiwan relations
by J. Bruce Jacobs

Happy Fusion
Wrestling with the artistic legacies of East and West
by Diana Kan

After the Handover
Hong Kong's role in the Asia Pacific
by Michael Sze

REGION: Northeast Asia

A Radical Experiment
The evidence is in from North Korea's Rajin-Sonbong Area
by James Cotton

On Cars and Credentials
Popular discontent in South Korea
by James P. Thomas

Outbreak of Peace
An address at Harvard University
by Takako Doi

A Jumble of Meanings
The stage in Tokyo
by Miryam Sas

Social Management and reform in Japan
by Sheldon Garon

Big Bang or Wee Whimper
Restructuring Japan's financial sector
by Kenneth S. Courtis

REGION: South Asia

The Ramayana Today
Exploring the contemporary relevance of a great India
by Lakshmi Lal

Unfulfilled Promise
Reflections on the 50th anniversary of India's independence
by Sunanda K. Datta-Ray

REGION: Southeast Asia

Inside ABRI
Indonesia's military in the new millennium
by Rukmantoro Hadi Sumukti

Building Markets
The confusing politics behind Indonesia's economic reform
by Richard Robison

The New Conflict
Revisiting the most recent Cambodian coup
by Sorpong Peou


Empowering Asia
by Paul M. Evans

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