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Current Issue: Winter 1999
A New Frontier: Redefining China's Boundaries

This Issue's Contributors

FEATURE: A New Frontier

The Next Era
Continuity and Challenges in Hong Kong
by Roberto Zagha

Whither the Uighur
China's Indigenous Peoples and the Politics of Internal Colonialism
by Dru C. Gladney

Journey of Peace
Taiwan's Mainland Policy
by John H. Chang

Twenty Years of Friendship
The Republic of China and the United States Under the Taiwan Relations Act
by C.J. Chen

Predicaments and Prospects
The Current State of Filmmaking in China
by You Fei

Hong Kong Movies in Hollywood
An Informal Comment on Asian "Influences" in American Popular Culture
by Leo Ou-Fan Lee

China's Consumer Revolution
Key Demographic Shifts
by Conghua Li

Grasping the Technology Challenge
Developing a Silicon Valley Culture in Hong Kong and China
by Peter Yip

Feature: Nuclearized South Asia

A Conversation
Interview with Naresh Chandra

Nuclearized South Asia
Implications for South Asia and the World
by Aidzaz Ahsan

A Reasoned Policy
Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia
by K. Subrahmanyam

REGION: Northeast Asia

Yankee, Go Home!
Why US Bases Should Leave Okinawa
by Chalmers Johnson

Open History, Open Nationalism
The Battke Over Manchurian History
by Song Ki-Ho

REGION: Southeast Asia

From Boom to Bust
Indonesia's Implosion
by Steven Radelet

From the Belly of the Beast
The Law's Impact on the Vietnamese Press
by Russel Hiang-Khng Heng

REGION: South Asia

A Good Idea Gone Wrong
Problems of Democracy and Governance in Nepal
by Ashutosh Tiwari

Equality Now
Achieving Gender Equality in Modern Pakistan
by Asma Jehangir

REGION: Australasia

First Steps Towards Engagement
New Zealand in the Asia Pacific
by Don McKinnon


The Four Immigrant Manga: A Japanese Experience in San Francisco, 1904-1924
by Henry (Yoshitaka) Kiyama

Asian Security Practices: Material and Ideational Influences
Edited by Muthiah Alagappa


The World from Asia: An Economic Review of Late 1998
Courtesy of APC Asset Management of Hong Kong


China and Boundaries of our Perception
by Peter K. Bol

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