Merritt Moore: A Semester with Boston Ballet

October 19, 2010
Taking a break one Sunday from her research in a Harvard physics lab, Merritt Moore ‘10/’11 generously spent one of her precious free moments talking with the Harvard Art Review about her experience taking a semester off from the College. She is currently dancing full-time as a company member with Boston Ballet in its productions of La Bayadère and The Nutcracker.

Moore started rehearsals with the company in September. When asked how her first few weeks in the Boston Ballet have been treating her so far, Moore laughed good-naturedly and exclaimed, “I’m really sore!”  She noted the intensity of her new schedule, which keeps her in the studio five days a week from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm. She cited the new experience of having to dance at more rigidly scheduled hours as a welcome challenge. “You can’t just dance whenever you want, and when you do have rehearsal, you have to give 100 percent every time because so many other dancers are counting on you.”  But, Moore notes, the company members have been notably supportive of her as she transitions to company life. Working with Boston Ballet’s veteran principal dancers and other more experienced dancers is “incredibly inspiring and motivating. They’ve been so encouraging, and I’ve never experienced this in a company before where everybody’s just so supportive. It’s been a lovely experience, as much physical pain as there might be.”

Says Moore of her planned return to Harvard next semester: “It’ll be great to come back.  I’ll miss the ballet, but there are also so many dance opportunities at school.” Moore cites the vast range of possibilities available to a dancer in the Harvard Ballet Company and Harvard Dance Program, groups she describes as both “fun to work with” and “excellent in terms of quality dancers, especially for what one might think” about a school that doesn’t offer dance as a concentration. Being back at Harvard “will be a relief” from the chaos of this semester, says Moore, but until then, she seems to be truly relishing this chance to work professionally as a member of the Boston Ballet and to see “what possibilities might arrive” for her in the dance world.

–Paula Ibieta ‘13, Dance Board Staff Writer


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