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The Harvard Gay and Lesbian Caucus provides many resources for Harvard students, alumni, faculty, and friends. Among their many programs, the Open Gate Foundation is the one that spearheaded the foundation of the Queer Resource Center, and is the one that provides us with our continued support. Check them out!

The website for the BGLTQ Student Life can be found here. Though not directly affiliated with the RC, the BGLTQ Student Life office aims to fulfill many of the same needs as the RC and also helps advise the various sexuality and gender related students groups on campus.

Of the many queer student groups on campus, there is none more visible than the Harvard College Queer Students and Allies. The QSA is the largest of all the queer student organizations at Harvard College. Though its website may be outmoded, its calendar is always kept up to date.

Of course, there are countless affiliated and allied student groups on campus, such as the Trans Task Force, GLOW, Girlspot, BAGELS, and The Women's Center, which all provide a broad range of resources to serve our diverse community. Check out the Office of Student Life's list of BGLTQ Resources here!