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Luau 2001 is in the planning phase. Don't forget to check your email to see how you can help be apart of this awesome event. Contact Ken Kakesako or Damien Matthews for more information.

Holoimua O Hawaii was founded in the midst of the winter blizzards of 1995. Huddled together, a group of dedicated Hawaii students founded this organization at Harvard both to promote awareness of Hawaii and to recall their roots in Hawaii.

Our organization's name captures this dual purpose. Manu Meyer reflecting on its meaning wrote:

Holoimua - Harvard Hawaii Club also infers, for me, a cleansing (holoi) as if we are preparing to step into the world of ritual more prepared...but if we are not careful it can also mean 'erase' as if our time here at Harvard should not mean that we 'erase' who we are as kama'aina. And so, the club is proof that we will not forget our homeland and that we must, instead, nurture and encourage our attachment so that we remain committed to her culture, beauty and place in the global village.

While we progress here as sojourners in a distant land, we will always keep at heart the phrase "Mau ke aloha no Hawaii - Love always for Hawaii".

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