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Holoimua Hawaii is one of the most recent Hawaii clubs on the East Coast. Here are several links to other Hawaii clubs near us.
This is really just an arbitrary list. There are probably hundreds of clubs within a few hundred miles of us, and it would be senseless to try to include them all. We've only included clubs whose web pages we like. Nah, jes' joke. If you know of another club which you think should be here, let us know.
Lanikai Islands

Ka Hui Hawai'i O Princeton



University of Pennsylvania

Na Keiki Kealoha

Some of the Hawaii clubs near us don't have web pages. Here are some addresses at which you can reach them. Also see the semi-comprehensive list of Hawaii clubs.

The Hawai'i State Society of Washington, DC
Voice Mail [202-563-4650]

Georgetown University Hawai'i Club
VP: Norman Cheng (

Carnegie Mellon
Hawaii Hui o Pittsburgh
Damon Wong (412-862-3348) (
Tushar Dubey (412-681-7989) (

Cornell Hawai'i Club
Kirstin Garcia (

Last modified: November 18, 1996