Harvard Chess Club Meetings


2017-18 Meetings Concluded

Meetings will resume in September 2018 - stay tuned!


2017-18 Schedule

We meet weekly to play chess and hang out every Saturday from 3:00 to 5:00 PM in the Quincy House Bullitt Room on Harvard University's campus. Please find directions to the Bullitt Room below. All Harvard undergrads, grad students, and staff are more than welcome to come and play!

Due to Harvard policy, if you are not a Harvard undergrad or grad student and you'd like to show up to club, please email us at harvardcrimsonchess@gmail.com in advance of club so that we can know to come to the door and let you in.


Harvard Quincy House


To get to the Bullitt Room: Walk into the Quincy courtyard (58 Plympton St) and find the elevators in New Quincy (they're just inside when you walk up the steps past the picnic tables). You can find the Bullitt Room by going through the door to the right of the elevators and going down the stairs (it's sort of a cramped stairway). Take a left at the bottom of the stairs and you're there! If you need any help getting to the room, feel free to email us at harvardcrimsonchess@gmail.com.