January, 2010

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General Meeting this Sunday

Harvard Project for Sustainable Development

Sunday, 2pm, Lamont Forum Room

HPSD is a student group dedicated to fighting poverty and injustice in the world through long-term partnerships with communities in developing countries. We are dedicated not only to discussing development issues, but also to taking action and effecting change, one community at a time.

We have built partnerships in Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Uganda, and Tanzania. On campus, we host forums, workshops, and field work training sessions on development issues. Past guests have included Jeffrey Sachs, Michael Chu, Jim Kim, Howard Zucker, and many other development experts and grassroots workers.

At our weekly meetings, we hold rigorous discussions on topics related to sustainable development. This week, the DRwaterteam, having just returned from the Dominican Republic, will present a case study of their recent water chlorination and health project. They installed chlorine dispensers in the community of Las Mercedes and conducted a series of water tests and a health survey. Come find out about their experience and discuss the project with them.

Questions? Interested but can’t make the first meeting? Email Kristen Calandrelli (kcalandrelli@gmail.com) or Devin Worster (dtworster@gmail.com)!
Looking forward to seeing you there!

The HPSD Executive Board

Nicaragua trip applications

The Nicaragua trip for the summer 2010 is finalized! The dates of the trip are 6/1/10 – 6/14/10. E-mail Eric Meyerowitz (emeyerowitz@gmail.com) for an application.┬áIt is not an extremely difficult application but it has a ton of information about the trip. The application is open to anyone and everyone in HPSD. The best applicants will have been involved in HPSD during the year — but no previous international experience is expected (though, of course, it is not a bad thing if you have it).

Submit the application by February 1, 2010 at 10pm to Emily Guo (emilyguo@fas.harvard.edu). The applications will be read name blind and Emily will remove names and send them out to the rest of the steering committee. If you have any questions while you are filling out the application or about the trip in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the other members of the Nicaragua Steering Committee (detailed in the app).

Looking forward to reading your applications and working with you over the next semester. Have a wonderful holiday and a happy vacation,

Eric and the NSC

PS — Any trip vets who have not already spoken with me but would like to be involved in the trip, please email me back!