February, 2010

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Get involved with 2seeds

Still looking for something to do this summer?   How about piloting an innovative, community-based rural development project in Tanzania!

If you’re interested, come to the 2Seeds Network Info Session this Thursday at 5pm at 124 Mt. Auburn St., Suite 100.

The 2Seeds Network is currently recruiting students to help lead projects in Tanzania. While we are looking primarily for juniors and seniors, all students are welcome to attend. Our mission is to help local community leaders create sustainable programs that address the emerging crisis of food security in Africa. At every step, 2Seeds encourages our project leaders to embrace independent decision making, enforce financial accountability, and humbly seek a deep and sincere partnership with the local African community.

For more information, visit 2seeds.org, or contact Sam Bonsey at sbonsey@fas.harvard.edu

Roses for Haiti