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The Kasiisi Project

For those interested in: Global Health, Conservation Education, Nutrition, Mobile Health Clinics
Founded by Elizabeth Ross (Currier House Master) in 1997, the Kasiisi Project aids education in and around Kibale National Park in rural western Uganda, East Africa. Through building primary schools, funding secondary school and college scholarships, supporting conservation education, providing daily school lunches, training teachers, promoting literacy through libraries and computer usage, and addressing special needs of girls, Kasiisi aims sustain the future of Uganda and its natural treasures. A new initiative has been developed for income-producing projects in the schools and moved closer to making and selling papyrus paper for locally produced sanitary pads.

Harvard students have the opportunity to initiate new projects at these schools to aid in these sustainable initiatives and educational programs.

Trinity Microfinance Project
For those interested in: Microfinance 
From the Trinity Facebook page:

Trinity Microfinance is the founder and chairman of the ACCION Youth Microfinance Council. TMP is partners with ACCION USA, the largest domestic microfinance organization, and Business Center for New Americans (BCNA) in our effort to reach out to entrepreneurs in the US.

To further their global reach Trinity is also partners with KIVA, an online loaning platform which allows organizations like TMP to loan to entrepreneurs in countries around the world. To view the clients whom we have funded please view our website:

TMP has also partnered with various universities’ microfinance organizations including Princeton Microfinance Organization, Yale Microfinance Task Force, Gumball Capital at Stanford, Washington and Lee Microfinance Club, SEED at UVA among others.

There will also be opportunities to reach out to microfinance institutions in Cambridge and Boston throughout the semester as well.
Previous Projects

Lead Us Today:
Lead Us Today is a registered non-profit in Zimbabwe whose mission is to inspire, mobilize and empower young Zimbabweans to lead development efforts in their communities. Lead Us Today achieves its mission by partnering with high schools and providing leadership training. Students are organized in clubs in which they design and implement community development projects of their own design and choosing.

In one year, Lead Us Today has trained 118 students in 8 high schools who have mobilized over 400 of their peers in completing 16 service projects ranging from cleaning campaigns to orphanage visits. Lead Us Today is currently working to develop more formalized curricula for the chapters in their program and to become financially sustainable through launching a fashion line of locally manufactured African clothing to sell in the United States.

Solidarity Nicaragua: HFID has been working with the community of el Limon, Nicaragua, since the organization’s inception in 2006. The focuses of this year’s trip will still be listening, learning, solidarity, and building relationships with our partners in Estelí while engaging in several development programs on the ground. We will continue our long standing commitment to the students and teachers at el Instituto Nacional Francisco Luis Espinoza (INFLE), the largest public secondary school in Estelí. Over the last several years we have also implemented water filter programs in five rural communities around El Limón. For more information, contact Angela (

Children of the Border: We are working with Graduate Student  Sebastian Velez to support his NGO, which serves impoverished children of Haitian descent living on the border Dominican Republic and Haiti.  The team conducted its first fieldwork in the community of Las Mercedes, Dominican Republic in August 2010, focusing on issues of water access and contraception. The team also won a $10,000 Projects for Peace grant to repair a well in the community.  For more information about Children of the Border, you can check out their website:   Contact Matt ( for more information.

New Hope Orphanage: HFID supports member Christopher   Higgins’ work with New Hope Orphanage in Busia, Uganda.  New Hope seeks to become financially self-sufficient so that it can continue to protect and empower the young children under its care.  To this end, it has implemented a number of revenue generating projects, including a sweet potato farm, an Internet café, and a piggery! Chris will likely take a small group of dedicated volunteers to Busia this summer.  For more information, contact Chris (

Tanzanian Agricultural Training Center: We are working with Sam Bonsey, Harvard ’10, who is working to develop a community-based agricultural training center, and create a scalable model for rural development/sustainable agriculture in East Africa.  Is this up your alley? Let Sam ( know! He has already graduated, but he may be looking for volunteers.

If any of these projects piques your interest and you’d like to find out more, feel free to either contact the project leader directly, or simply email one of us and we can answer questions/put you in touch with the appropriate person!

Once again, welcome to HFID, and we look forward to seeing you at the next meetings/events!