About HFID


The Harvard Forum for International Development promotes critical discussion of international development on campus and fights poverty through long-term partnerships with communities in developing countries. On campus, our programs range from discussion forums to training workshops to international development case discussion. Abroad, we work in partnership with communities to design and implement short-term and long-term solutions to serve the international community. In our programs, we strive for social justice by approaching our work with a sense of equality and solidarity and a willingness to learn and understand.


Eric Meyerowitz ‘10 and Toby Norman ‘10 founded HFID in the fall of 2006. Their driving idea was to create a student group that not only talked about development, but also took action in a way that was community-based, rigorous, and responsible. Their first international trip began in el Limon, Nicaragua, a community with whom Eric has had a long-standing relationship. Over the first trip, the el Limon community and the Harvard community became like family. Six years and five service trips later, HFID has branched out to serve communities in Zimbabwe, the Dominican Republic, and Uganda. We are also currently building partnerships with organizations in Madagascar and Brazil. To learn more, visit our International Programs page above!


Our mission is to “take action to reduce poverty in partnership with communities.” We pursue a holistic understanding to development, examining everything from global health to microfinance, education to human rights, and much, much more. In practice, we focus on building long-term relationships with local communities based on solidarity, reciprocity, and respect toward the people we work with.

Weekly meetings are held every Sunday, 2pm at the Lamont Forum Room (Lamont library, 3rd floor).

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