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Photos from thehaitianrennaissance.com, haitixchange.com, and garyculleymusic.com.

Who We Are

We are the Harvard Haitian Alliance. Some of us are Haitian, some aren't; some speak Kreyol, others don't. What we share, though, is an interest in, a desire to learn or teach about, and an appreciation for Haiti and her people.

What We Do

We sponsor social and discussion-based events about Haiti on Harvard's campus, and work to provide a community for Haitans both at Harvard and around Boston. We also enjoy collaborating with other organizations to bring larger programming to the Harvard community.


It doesn't matter if you're Haitian or not, current undergrad or prospective student, Harvardinan or Bostonian; if you're interested in any aspect of Haiti or Haitian culture we'd love to have you! Questions? Contact us at hha@hcs.harvard.edu.