Happy Spring!

It’s officially Spring (literally, the clock has just struck midnight), and though we haven’t had many posts lately, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work planning fantastic events!

A brief recap; the Cultural Rhythms Food Festival this year was a smashing hit as usual. The HHKSers proudly served up delicious dishes straight from Chinatown’s Jade Garden Restaurant (if you haven’t been there, go try it out! It’s the best Canto cuisine I’ve found in Boston) while sporting our newly-acquired HHKS hoodies for the first time! We’ve also enjoyed an evening of friendly competition and conversation during our collaboration Mahjong Night with the Taiwanese Cultural Society (TCS) (wahoo Asian games and snacks!).

On the topic of mahjong, allow me to include a tangential photo of the COOLEST MAHJONG TABLES EVER (found in Beijing, which isn’t quite Hong Kong, but I bet they have them in HK too!). You push a button, the middle of the table opens up, you push in all the tiles, and while they’re mixed, a new set of tiles appears in perfect rows right at your elbows! Magic.

Anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to lately. Stay tuned for more fun-filled, food-filled, and friend-filled events soon!