1. The Executive Board
    1. The Hong Kong Society shall be governed by a board of Officers consisting of: President(s), Treasurer, Admin and Logistics Chair, Education and Cultural Chair, Publicity Chair and Freshman Representative(s).
      1. The President(s) shall be in charge of organizing meetings, delegating the duties of the club and external liaison.
      2. The Treasurer shall be in charge of all financial matters of the society.
      3. The Admin and Logistics Chair shall be in charge of organizing events and assigning tasks.
      4. The Education and Cultural Chair shall be in charge of promoting awareness and cultural appreciation of Hong Kong.
      5. The Publicity Chair shall be in charge of designing and disseminating promotional materials.
      6. The Freshman Representative(s) will be in charge of liaising with freshman and any duties under other officers delegated by the President.
    2. All Officers shall be elected by a popular vote of the members in the end of the Fall term each academic year, unless there are vacancies that need to be filled due to depature from the Society, in which case elections may be held at the end of Spring semester or beginning of Fall semester.
    3. All officers shall be registered undergraduate students in good standing at Harvard College.
  2. Mission
    1. The Hong Kong Society is dedicated to promoting the unique aspects of Hong Kong’s culture and society, bringing together all students with an interest in Hong Kong.
    2. The Hong Kong Society is also dedicated in being the primary go-to resource for students for information, advice, and liaison pertaining to Hong Kong.
    3. The Hong Kong Society seeks to serve as the representative organization on campus for all matters pertaining to Hong Kong.
    4. The Hong Kong Society shall remain politically neutral.
    5. The views of any individual officers or members do not represent the views of the society as a whole.
    6. Membership in this organization shall be open to all students in good standing currently enrolled in Harvard College, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical disability or any other factors.