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Harvard Initiative for Peace and Justice

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General Inquiries.
For general inquiries, you can email hipj@hcs.harvard.edu.

Email Lists.
For weekly HIPJ news, email harvardnowar-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.
To help plan HIPJ activities, email hipjplanning-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.
You can also join these groups at groups.yahoo.com or on the front page.

Who's In Charge of HIPJ, Anyway?
Unlike most Harvard student groups, HIPJ runs on a non-hierarchical task-management basis. That means nobody's really "in charge" but we still get things done. If you were trying to email someone in charge, email hipj@hcs.harvard.edu and someone will respond.

Web Contact.
If you would like to add or change anything on this website, email dexter@fas (i.e. fas.harvard.edu).

You are strongly encouraged to come to our next meeting. Check the Upcoming Activities page for info.

Random Linguistic Thoughts.
Is it the HIPJ or just HIPJ? It's just HIPJ /ˈhɪp ʤej/. And the participants? We're HIPJers. And what about the anti-war movement in general? We might be peaceniks. And what do we call our opponents? Often, warmongers.


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