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The world faces grave threats of terrorism, military dictators, and nuclear proliferation.

We believe US-led wars will make these problems worse.

There are many reasons to oppose the current US foreign policy that revolves around war and threats of war. Here are a few:

  • The recent preemptive strike on Iraq makes the U.S. the aggressor, turning "national defense" on its head.
  • The continuing war in Afghanistan is killing thousands of innocent people without even finding those who planned 9/11.
  • War abroad and repression at home make a violent cycle of disrespect for humanity.
There are better answers, including diplomacy, humanitarian aid, and respect. Yet our government, ostensibly serving us, is turning to war and ignoring other options. This is why HIPJ and the broader peace movement need you to raise your voice with us and demand that the world today must revolve around peace!

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