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Table of Contents Issue 4 ~ Spring 2004
HIR Notebook
Compiled by the editors
Fenced in at the Hague, Rewriting History, Compensating Victims of Terror, etc.

What Many Liberals Can’t See
by Arthur Hertzberg
The terms of the conflict between Arabs and Jews in the Middle East have not changed significantly through the past century. Surprisingly, many in the West—especially those in the liberal intelligentsia—are decidedly more hostile towards the Jewish State today than their predecessors were 70 years ago.

The Costs of U.S. Aid to Israel
by Daniel Feith
U.S. military and financial aid to Israel began at the height of the Cold War as part of global effort to contain the spread of communism. Now that the Cold War has been over for more than a decade, why should U.S. aid continue to flow to Israel?

Reviving Religious Zionism
by Daniel Shoag
Today, religious Zionism faces strong criticism from both secular supporters of Israel and Israel’s detractors. Yet to many Jews around the world, religion plays an essential role how they view their relationships with the state of Israel. Can new expressions for religious Zionism be found?

From the Source - Hudna-winked: How Hamas fooled the Media
by Adam Levine
While the Western media hailed the temporary ceasefire (hudna) brokered between the PA and militant Palestinian factions last summer as a significant step towards peace, many Israelis were skeptical. From the Source analyzes the true intent of the document and reveals that the document was never meant to achieve peace and, worse yet, allowed terrorists to plot with impunity.

HIR Book Review - Illegal Construction: a Legal Deconstruction
Max Davis reviews Justus Weiner’s Illegal Construction in Jerusalem.

Israel-at-a-Glance - Security Fences Make Good Neighbors
by Eric Trager
The security fence Israel is constructing as part of its new plan for disengagement with the Palestinians will provide Israelis with security in the face of terrorist threats and also allow Israelis to scale back their military presence in the West Bank. Yet the fence continues to attract strong international criticism. Israel-at-a-Glance analyzes development of the fence as a powerful political force in Israel and explores the issues surrounding the fence.

The State of the Jewish State: An Interview with Professor Efraim Karsh
Head of the Mediterranean Studies Program at Kings College, University of London, Efraim Karsh sits down with HIR to discuss anti-Israel bias in academe, the future of the Arab refugees, and current Israeli politics.

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HIR Notebook
Compiled by the editors

What Many Liberals Can't See Arthur Hertzberg

The Costs of U.S. Aid to Israel
Daniel Feith

Reviving Religious Zionism
Daniel Shoag

Hudna-winked: How Hamas Fooled the Media
Adam Levine

HIR Book Review - Illegal Construction: a Legal Deconstruction
Max Davis

Security Fences Make Good Neighbors
Eric Trager

The State of the Jewish State
An Interview with Efraim Karsh