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Contacting Harvard Israel Review

Harvard Israel Review is a forum for original thought on issues relating to the Jewish State. All submissions received are considered for publication regardless of authorship.

Please send submissions, letters to the editor, requests for subscriptions, and all other inquiries to:

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Or by email to: hireview@hcs.harvard.edu

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HIR Notebook
Compiled by the editors

What Many Liberals Can't See Arthur Hertzberg

The Costs of U.S. Aid to Israel
Daniel Feith

Reviving Religious Zionism
Daniel Shoag

Hudna-winked: How Hamas Fooled the Media
Adam Levine

HIR Book Review - Illegal Construction: a Legal Deconstruction
Max Davis

Security Fences Make Good Neighbors
Eric Trager

The State of the Jewish State
An Interview with Efraim Karsh