Harvard Objectivist Club Constitution

Article I.   Name

The name of the organization shall be "Harvard Objectivist Club."  It shall be more informally known as "HOC."

Article II.   Purpose

The Harvard Objectivist Club is an organization dedicated to the continuing study of Objectivism, the Philosophy of Ayn Rand.  The fundamentals are best summarized as follows:

This organization will seek to provide for Harvard students access to literature, activities, and information concerning the philosophy of Objectivism.  It will serve as an information bureau and a center for educational activities, such as guest speakers and video tapes.

Article III.  Membership

1.  Membership in the club is open to all students currently enrolled in Harvard College interested in the philosophy of Objectivism, regardless of the student's race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, or physical disability.

2.  The officers of the club reserve the right to expel a member after a proper hearing.

Article IV.  Officers

1.  The officers of the group shall consist of a president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary.

2.  All officers shall be registered undergraduates of Harvard College.

3.  The president is to be responsible for the continuous operation of the club and to represent the club to other organizations.

4.  The vice-president is to assume the duties of the president in the event of the president's inability to serve and to perform specific tasks delegated by the president.

5.  The secretary is to be the custodian of the constitution and to handle all formal correspondence designated by the president, especially between the membership and its officers; and to disseminate notices of club events and meetings.  Accordingly, the secretary will be in charge of the club e-mail account, if one is maintained.

6.  The treasurer is to keep the financial records of the club, to have general charge of its financial affairs, and to report on the financial position of the club when requested to do so by the president, and at the beginning of every month during the academice year.

7.  If necessary, the offices of secretary and treasurer may be merged into one office.

Article V.  Selection of Officers

1.  The executive committee for each year will be selected at a meeting prior to the end of the previous year as called by the officers of that year.

2.  The executive committee shall nominate a slate of officers for the next year which will be submitted for approval by the membership.  If the slate is not unanimously approved, open nominations and elections for each position will be held during the meeting at which selection of officers is to take place.  All members shall have one vote by secret ballot.  If necessary, members may vote by written proxy to the secretary prior to the election.  Two-thirds of the voting membership is necessary to elect officers.

3.  The term of office for the year will commence the first day of summer recess and terminate the last day of the academice year.

4.  Any position not filled due to lack of candidates, or that becomes vacant during the course of the year may be filled by appointment by the president, or by open elections, as determined by the president.  Appointments may be overturned by a majority of the voting members.

Article VI.  Impeaching Officers

1.  An officer may be removed from office if a two-thirds majority of the members so decide at a meeting called by the other officers for the purpose of making a decision on the matter.  A list of formal charges must be prepared and presented to the accused on week prior to said meeting.

2.  No members may be expelled from the club while impeachment proceedings are pending.

Article VII.  Finances

1.  The club shall maintain a bank account at a bank chosen by the officers.  The signature of the treasurer shall be required for all disbursements.  Club dues(if any) shall be determined by the officers and collected prior to the fourth week of each school term.  Contributions to the club for general operations or specific activities are welcome.

Article VIII.  Amendments

1.  Any two members of the club may propose an ammendment to this constitution.  Proposals shall be filed in writing with the secretary.  Amendments to this constitution must be approved by a majority of the executive committee and then by two-thirds of the members voting at a meeting where the ammendment is presented.  The secretary shall notify each club member at least one week prior to the meeting at which it shall be considered.

Amendment I.  Declaration of Support

The Harvard Objectivist Club officially supports the Ayn Rand Institute.

Amendment II.  Purchases

Any member seeking reimbursement for purchases made on behalf of the club must submit a receipt to the treasurer.  Any purchase made without the approval of the president or treasurer of the club shall not be reimbursed.

Amendment III.  Elections without Quorum

If, at the end of the academic year, elections must be held, but a quorum of members cannot be obtained at elections, the position of president will be decided by voters present and all votes by proxy previously submitted to the secretary.  All other positions will be filled in elections held in the fall.

Amendment IV.  Fall Elections

If, pursuant to Amendment III, fall elections must be held, these elections will held at least one week before the fall deadline for campus club registration.

If elections cannot be held due to problems with obtaining a quorum, or due to a lack of candidates, the president may appoint officers to fill vacant positions.  Such appointments may be overruled by a majority of club members.

Amendment V.  Removal of Members, Reasons

Members may not be expelled from the club for reasons due to ideological conflicts, e.g., due to disagreements over the so-called "Peikoff-Kelley split."  Only matters of personal behavior may lead to the expulsion of members.  Examples of such behavior include, but are not limited to:

Violent or threatening behavior will result in immediate expulsion.

Amendment VI.  Removal of Participants who are not Members

The executive committee may, at any time, ask non-members to leave, provided the reasons fall within the guidelines set forth in Amendment V.

Amendment VII.  Member Removal During Impeachment

During impeachment procedings, members may be removed if their behavior threatens the continued operation of the club.  Such removals rquire the unanimous consent of all members not being expelled or impeached.

Amendment VIII.  Voting Members, Definition

At the beginning of the fall term, those students who are listed, or request to be listed, on the roster submitted to the Dean of Students Office will be considered voting members.  After the registration deadline, individuals must be members at least two weeks prior to a vote to be considered a voting member.

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