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Romanians at Harvard

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Name University/School Class Concentration/Field
Seymour Morris Jr Harvad College and MBA 1968 and 1971 American History and Strategic Planning
Doina Rares Harris Harvard College, Harvard Business School 2000, 2005 Economics
Vadim Brinzan Harvard Business School 2001 Investment Management
Mihaela Irina Enachescu Harvard College 2002 Mathematics & Computer Science
Radu Ban Harvard College 2002 Economics
Octavian Stefan Timaru Harvard College 2003, JD/MBA 2010 Computer Science
Florin Tiberiu Harvard College 2004
Radu Tatucu Harvard College 2005 Economics
Anda Bordean Harvard College 2006 Economics
Liviu Harvard College 2006 Astrofizica
Cristian Jitianu Graduate School of Arts and Science 2006 Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Dan Andrei Iancu Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 2006 Engineering Sciences / Applied Math
Diana Carligeanu Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS) 2006 East Asian Studies
Mihaela Pacurar Harvard College 2006 Literature/Slavic
Ovidiu Bujorean Harvard Kennedy School 2006 Master in Public Administration
Ana Sirbu Harvard College 2007 Economics
Andreea Balan-Cohen Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 2007 Economics
Casiana Ionita Harvard College 2007 Literature
Cristian Voicu Harvard GSAS 2007 Business Economics
Dragos Florin Ciocan Harvard College 2007 Apllied Mathematics/Computer Science
Petra Pajtas Harvard College 2007 Psychology and Neuroscience
Silvia Suteu Harvard College 2007 Government and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Serban Tanasa Harvard College 2007 Government
Alex Radu Harvard College 2008 Economics/Government
Ciprian Stratulat Harvard College 2008 Computer Science
Daniela Nemerenco Harvard College 2008 Government
Monica M. Guica Harvard GSAS 2008 Physics
Cristiana Strava Harvard College 2009 Social Anthropology and Visual and Environmental Studies
Nicolae Done Harvard College 2009 Biochemical Sciences
Andrei Cristea Harvard College 2010 Ec & Math
Dragos Michnea Harvard College 2010 Economics, Computer Science
Corina E. Tarnita GSAS 2011 Mathematics