executive board 2018


Jonathan Paek '20

House: Eliot
Conc: Sociology with a secondary in Economics
Fun: I once finished an entire Costco pizza by myself

Gen Hu '20

House: Pfoho
Conc: Hist and Lit
Fun: I am terrified of birds.

Vice Presidents

Jake Cui '20

House: Adams
Conc: Computer Science
Fun: I've seen Tyler cry to Frozen 6 times. I laugh everytime.

Jeane Khang '20

House: Quincy
Conc: Psychology
Fun: I was once on a burning plane. Tough luck.


Tyler Yan '20

House: Adams
Conc: Applied Math and Economics
Fun: I've seen Frozen 6 times. I cry everytime.


Cedric Li '21


Annie Kim '20

House: Eliot
Conc: Anthropology
Fun: I love making playlists and drinking kombucha (I'm as Californian as someone can get).

Social Chairs

Sophia Tang '21

House: Matthews
Conc: Undeclared
Fun: My dog's name is Mochi!.

Amy Zhang '21

House: Hurlbut
Conc: Undecided
Fun: I am a HUGE sweet potato enthusiast.

Outreach Chair

Jenny Huang '20

House: Dunster
Conc: Computer Science and Statistics
Fun: I have a pet bunny named Bubba.

Ed-Pol Chairs

Justin Wei '21

House: Matthews
Conc: History
Fun: I can't ride a bike - serious :)

Samantha Um '21

House: Grays
Conc: Undeclared
Fun: I can do the worm with my toes.

Publicity Chairs

Kai McNamee '21

House: Canaday
Conc: Government
Fun: My middle school allegedly funded the Turkish coup.

Tech Chair

Alex Chin '21

House: Wigglesworth
Conc: Computer Science and Physics
Fun: I went to school with Robin Williams' kids.

Cultural Chairs

Verena Lin '21

House: Wigglesworth
Conc: Economics
Fun: I have never had braces.

Joyce Seok '21

House: Lionel
Conc: Psychology
Fun: I can rap Busta Rhymes' verse in Look at Me Now.

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