HRCF – HRAACF Covenant

HRAACF recognizes that its own vision must always be carried out in partnership with its sister chapter, while HRCF also recognizes that its own growth as a multi-ethnic fellowship is linked to an ongoing relationship with HRAACF. In order to carry out this vision, both chapters are dedicated to mutually serve and lovingly challenge each other in the mission of engaging the campus in all its ethnic diversity.

The chapters commit to both God and each other in the following ways:

  1. Both chapters retain some sort of common root name.
  2. Both chapters jointly draw upon the resources of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and be staffed by InterVarsity. It would be understood that InterVarsity would commit to a real working partnership
    between staff of the two chapters.
  3. A minimum of six joint events per year (i.e. large groups, concerts of prayer, retreats).
  4. Joint chapter camp with some sort of covenant renewal process each year.
  5. Conduct a joint exec review once per semester in order to assess faithfulness to the covenant relationship and self-assess—with the other’s accountability—each chapter’s own faithfulness to its vision. This includes the yearly writing of the specific plans for that respective year, to be used as a reference in future years as well as a plan for the present year.
  6. Full partnership and coordination in new student outreach and campus wide evangelism events.
  7. Participate in joint InterVarsity missions, especially with a focus on missions that involve racial reconciliation.